how to train a horse to poop in one spot
But even if they only poo in the right spots 60 or 70% of the time, that is still WAY less work than kicked around, ground-in poo every single time! If anyone living in a hot climate (California, Arizona, etc) wants to experiment with this poo area-fly control concept, I would modify one thing. I’m trying to watch and learn and interfere as little as possible. I check fences and pick up any nails or odd bits of trash and pull weeds they don’t eat. But at my barn, even eating right next to one of their 10×12-foot poo areas piled 18-inches high with manure… my horses were almost clear of flies! Hawk-Assisted Therapy? Are You Feeding Your Horse These 4 ‘Healthy’ – Yet Dangerous – Foods. I did this over a weeks time I’d catch them peeing, I’d whistle. He goes directly to a familiar spot, and is ready to turn around and come back to the barn. Horses that have been kept in small enclosures are more prone to treading or kicking around their manure. It makes it much easier to manage manure. Step 4: Move Intact Manure Piles to the Poo Area. The thought immediately entered my mind – if only I could teach my horses to do the same thing that would be wonderful. So in addition to the herd’s self-selected poo areas (pics above) I chose this edge of the paddock: And I chose this corner inside the big barn: Step 2: Leave at Least Three Manure Piles in Each Poo Area. In Jaime Jackson’s book about the paddock paradise, he discusses stud piles and suggests that in order to keep more in line with a wild horse model, we should deliberately leave a certain amount of manure within the track. . Which brings us full circle back to the question of why do they poo all over the damn field? Ugh the ongoing manure clearance chore! The last few times he’s done that, he has had a fever. It usually takes me about 15 minutes total on a 1/4 mile track. The stud pile concept works in this smaller area as well. Once your horses have learned where you want them to poo, for ongoing success, you must leave at least 3 piles of manure in each poo spot. Keep the dog in that spot until it goes, then offer a reward. I couldn’t believe my eyes. We stayed parked watching and observing them. However, for the five days before I left, I had them pooing in the designated spots and leaving the center of the barn clear. PDF will be delivered to the email address you enter as will weekly tips from Stacy. Juno Chooses When & How to Release Halter Trauma, Meltdown at the Barn – Dancing with Victim – Part 1. She kept her horse’s stall full of shavings but would turn him out at night. Are you composting? In the wild, horses will eat and fertilize an area, then move on to a new/fresh area. Sometimes you’ll get a spot or walkway where the horses will just not stop pooing. What does this have to do with domestic horses? But I also did not want him to pee in it either. Gayla L I have taught all my horses to pee on command. For her very next poo, she walked straight over to the poo area and defecated! Sometimes they go elsewhere to poop. Regardless, as I’ve pointed out before, some horses take a long time to train. Someone even noticed this in one of my YouTube videos and blasted me for piling shit near the horses’ feeder. My mare poops in one big pile (I guess like a stallion! Racehorses are frequently drug tested and everyone in the barn was told to whistle when they saw a horse urinating…and she reported that it generally worked. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I then came along each day and created a pile along the side of the track where they had marked. Before that day I didn’t think much about “teaching” my equine partners to manage their own manure. Scoop up their fresh poo and move it carefully (in an intact pile) to the poo area. Even though the pile is on the other side of the fence the they choose to poop right next to the large pile. I use her for school presentations and recently she was in a play (walked on stage during the show). He’s always been a great stalled horse popping in the same corner all the time. It worked, but was very inconvenient to have to lift the bucket up to the hook. For me this was the edges of the paddock and one corner of the barn. Jeanna N You can train a stall kept horse to use 1 corner in their stall. This form of scent marking causes repeated dunging in the same place. Always leave a few apples in that spot. First is the clear fact that some horses are naturally clean. Register for our free library that provides you access to valuable, cutting edge information on caring for your horse naturally. Keep hay away from the piles for health reasons but also to discourage your equine partner from pooping in their hay. If you have other horses swap poo or pee, & place it in 1 corner of the other horse’s stall. Let them know it is SO much easier for you if they poo there. I Can’t Care for my Horse – I’m In Waaay Over My Head! However, this year, he didn’t need to remove any manure from the paddock poo area as it had converted itself into flat earth! Good job, THIS is where the poop goes (visualize horse pooing there while you talk). It’s kind of my me time and I just kind of meditate and think as I go along. If you have turnout pens you can also use this technique in those. I have found that once established they will continue to return to … A few years back I went out one morning and he’d freshly peed. You will have brilliant days where you celebrate that they are finally trained and then you come back the next day and it looks like you’re back to square one! Fan Art Leads to Greeting Cards, Prints and More! He sniffed it as is predictable. Melinda G. I have a welsh pony that is potty trained. Good job. If you’re doing everything as outlined above, but your horses are still crapping all over the place, here’s a checklist of things to watch out for and possibly correct: #1 Your manure piles aren’t fresh or piled up – check that you are leaving the newest/freshest piles of manure to mark poo areas. Horses orient more by smell, than by sight. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Any of these potty trained ones FOR SALE?????? Witnessing the rhinoceros and her large poop pile caused me to open my eyes to the importance of learning more about equine behavior patterns. At first he would run out there and immediately turn around and come right back to me. He started to go outside on the pile I had made. All of the sudden the mother rhinoceros walked right over to the pile of manure, turned around, backed up to the edge of it and pooped! So, to all of you out there who have potty trained horses; POST VIDEOS PLEASE! I thought something was wrong until my farrier that works at racetracks told me this. Here’s another super interesting thing I noticed from watching my wildies: They never urinated where they defecated. She came that way however. Massive Crack But Won’t Allow Hoof Trim – What Should I Do? Some days the horses are extra frisky, or squabbling and their poo pattern shows things got a bit crazy. Actually Kathy, I’m sorry to say, but your horses are doing EXACTLY what instinct/body wisdom has programmed them to do to regenerate the land and create a rich ecosystem in the earth to support maximum forage growth! This area became an absolute mud pit in winter so it was easy to let them have this area and just observe what happened. However, this is also extremely wise, since the larvae from the worm eggs in their manure attach themselves to grass stalks where they hope to be ingested again. Within a week, however, he started up again! The piles I formed on the track usually were not more than 1 or 2 feet high. It makes for an easy clean up! Of course, winter also helps keep fly populations manageable. It’s a powerful natural boarding concept. As we discussed above, do this right after they poo and while they’re watching. COPYRIGHT © 2009-2020 SOULFUL CREATURES™ LLC"SOULFUL EQUINE," "HELPING YOUR HORSE THRIVE," "HELP YOUR HORSE THRIVE" AND "SOULFUL GUARDIAN"ARE TRADEMARKS OF SOULFUL CREATURES, LLCPowered by THE RAINMAKER PLATFORM. Note I said, piles so make sure manure is in piles that look like they just came out of a horse’s butt. I really like the gelding, he is well bred, and good looking…but he definitely doesn’t look as pretty to me when I see his bucket full of poop mush!! I compost and spread the poop I pick up and have moved my pile 3 times in four years. When the weather changes and we suddenly get lots of rain, this can also change the poo pattern because now the horses are in the sheltered areas 4-5 times longer than usual. I would saddle him up and wait for him to pee. Filed Under: Best of Soulful Equine, Horse Behavior, Natural Lifestyle, Videos Tagged With: Jaime Jackson, Manure Management, Paddock Paradise, Wild Horse Model, Wild Horses.


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