iron county school board districts
The detailed plan was exhaustive and bold. We also need to have benefits that are on-par with the rest of the state. That 608 hours was taken from general student face-to-face with teacher instruction time. An ability to collaborate with others is hugely important in order for a board to be effective. What do we absolutely need, and how can we do it most efficiently and with the lowest cost? Our kids have changed and have different needs. Dave Staheli: I am a father and grandfather who has much interest in the Iron County School District. This might indicate a lack of trust. Another challenge may be getting a bond passed. The long-term effects of our behavior in this situation leads me to believe that we will never pass through another contagious seasonal illness without similar mandates being imposed, unless the citizens demand it to be changed and their elected representatives have the courage to do something about it. Responses were provided via email and are included in their entirety. I choose to move forward while honoring our Native American history and cultures through school curriculum and the involvement of local tribes throughout our elementary, middle school, and high school programming. The other area I have concern with is attitudes toward spending in general. No one likes to wear a mask, but not having kids in school is worse. Iron County School District. We must put ourselves in the times when this happened. Patrons will be called by the Board President to make comments. I am a father and grandfather who has much interest in the Iron County School District. | Photos submitted by the candidates, St. George News / Cedar City News I plan to visit schools frequently and look forward to visiting with these integral workers; listening to and working through their concerns. If this process yields a strong public consensus that the Redmen symbol should be restored, then there should be a large Iron County cultural celebration to inaugurate that restoration with honor and respect for our local and regional Native American tribes. They’ve continued to adapt and respond to the difficulties caused by COVID as in-person classes have resumed. As a school board member, would you endeavor to try to change Cedar High School’s emblem from the current “Reds” back to the former “Redmen”? So far, our teachers have been safe, the kids are doing well and we’re open. None of our older schools are very secure, either in terms of entry or the ability to keep a shooter out of individual classrooms. (435) 586.2804 | (435) 586.2815. We were one of the districts to fully open our schools for face-to-face learning. I observe, I research, I ask questions, I am willing to look outside of the conventional box for creative solutions and I pray for understanding and wisdom in every pursuit knowing that Heavenly Father knows much more and is much wiser than I am in everything. Hours Monday—Friday: 8:00AM–5:00PM Saturday & Sunday: Closed According to a 2019 ULEAD report, approximately 40% of teachers leave the profession within five years and we’ve lost almost a third of the students in our teacher education programs in Utah. As a result, Utah is experiencing a teacher crisis, and to keep this from extending to Iron County, we must act. I have many years of leadership experience. I will keep XLT time and I will make it better. They value that time so much, and if students and teachers are utilizing it properly, it’s incredibly beneficial. We pay some of the lowest teaching wages in the state, and compensation is a large factor in recruiting the best educators. This not only helped our students, but also kept our bus drivers and cafeteria workers employed. They get one-on-one help with assignments and materials they’re struggling with, they make up missed work if they have any, they connect with teachers in whose classes they need additional help. I am very opposed to the governor’s order, which denies parental rights to determine the level of protection/medical treatment they choose for their own children. We need  to make the changes necessary to give stronger protection to teachers against employment retaliation or discipline, when they step forward to voice challenges, questions or concerns with administrators, about curriculum, programs or policies. My 43 years of teaching experience gives me a unique perspective to policies being considered by a school board. The school board must regain the trust of the community. I am so grateful for them and their efforts, and my kids have been so happy to be with them in the classroom again! However, I’ve heard from a number of parents and teachers they would like something different.


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