lamy fine vs extra fine
- posted in Lamy: Hey guys,If you currently have a Lamy Safari with an Extra Fine nib and/or a Lamy Safari with a Fine nib, please reply and let me know how you like it. If so, how would you say the Lamy Extra-Fine compares to the Pilot Fine? The Lamy 2000 extra-fine is wonderful on fountain-pen friendly paper, but it also does well on most of my poor quality paper. My old Lamy 2000 with fine nib is one of my favorite pens. Comparing the 2000 extra-fine with the fine just left me admiring both pens, and admiring Lamy’s nib quality. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it handles heavy, textured paper beautifully. The Lamy 2000 is a gold nib. I use daily a Lamy "EF". Fountain Pen Throwdown: Lamy 2000 Fine Verus Lamy 2000 Extra-Fine, View fountainpenfollies’s profile on Instagram. Having trouble deciding? To achieve its sophisticated look it is polished, PVD coated and laser etched. Please subscribe! It’s not really width, it’s more how it writes. Hi Laura, thanks for this review. The 2000 extra-fine will vary from many people’s experience of the extra-fine nib on the Lamy Safari/Al-Star/Studio/etc. What does that mean for the Lamy 2000 extra-fine when you write with it? You’re welcome, and thank you! So thank you very much! When in doubt, go with the fine nib!#lamy #fountainpens #writingWant more videos like this? The Lamy 2000 does lay down a much juicier line than the Safari, which can be a negative for those looking for fast dry times. Both sizes do fine on all the notebooks listed but feather a lot on the cheap copy paper with Iroshizuku ink. well if that’s a bad thing, I don’t wanna be good! It’s precise. There is always a range. That is a tough decision. I look forward to using it with more inks; some of the wetter KWZ inks are going to get a turn in the extra-fine 2000. Happy New Year to all! Do you have any Pilot Fines? © Fountain Pen Follies and, 2015. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. I ended up keeping my Lamy 2000 fine, and moving along my extra-fine, but that’s because I wanted to buy a Sailor extra-fine. There it is: my new Lamy 2000 extra-fine. I ultimately picked the fine nib and have zero regrets. It seems to have less ink flow than the fine. I agonized for days over whether to choose an extra fine, fine, or medium nib. The extra-fine nib is visibly finer than the fine. I usually write with fine-nibbed pens, and the Lamy 2000's fine is very similar to that of the Lamy Safari. I’m on vacation so I can’t check but I think the Pilot fine is in the middle of these two Lamy nib sizes. That’s the sign of a really good, and smooth, extra-fine nib. I ended up keeping my Lamy 2000 fine, and moving along my extra-fine, but that’s because I wanted to buy a Sailor extra-fine. What would you think? It responds instantly to a very light touch. I like the Safari extra-fine very much, and it’s not really a nib that’s difficult to use. The extra-fine really is an extra-fine, and I’m just a little bit excited by that. Here is a 2000 fine on the left and the 2000 extra-fine on the right. I’ve been considering whether to get the Lamy 2000 Fine or Extra Fine. You can get narrow fines and wide fines, and so on. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. I’m stuck trying to decide if I want to get a Lamy 2000 in fine or extra-fine. Hi Justin. I actually prefer the extra fine now. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. - YouTube The Safari nib can tolerate a heavy hand, but I doubt the 2000 extra-fine would like that. It is available in sizes "medium" (M), "broad" (B), "extra-fine" (EF) and "fine" (F). ( Log Out /  I usually write with fine-nibbed pens, and the Lamy 2000's fine is very similar to that of the Lamy Safari. The black stainless steel nib for the LAMY Lx series is a stylish upgrade to your writing implement. The Sailor extra-fine is remarkably fine, and suits me, along with the Sailor fine, perfectly. I have a friend who is an experienced fountain pen user, but felt even the 2000 fine had too small a sweet spot; he would not like the extra-fine, I don’t think. I absolutely love it. I've had the best luck with the medium nibs, which write a traditional "western medium" line. The … One blogger/ink reviewer told me the Lamy 2000 extra fine is “almost like a fine italic” totally true. !I've been reading the forums in the past weeks with great pleasure and enjoyment. The extra-fine is finer than the fine, in both the Safari and the 2000, but the nibs are so different there’s unfortunately not a one-to-one correlation between the Safari and the 2000. It writes like what one may usually call a fine nib. The fine and extra-fine nibs can be scratchy, and sometimes I can barely tell a difference between them. The design is great and very well constructed. Hi Laura, that’s really helpful advice. But I suspect that my 2000 fine will probably still get a lot of use itself. That’s a tough one. Lefties: if dry time is a concern, an extra-fine line will dry quickest, especially if paired with a fast-drying ink. I never expected there to be such a visible difference between XF and F! Lamy Safari Your Team: It’s NHL Hockey Time Again, Fountain Pen Favorites for September 2019. It does write a narrower line than either of my fines. It also has a smaller sweet spot than the fines. I think the extra-fine has slightly less ink flow than the fine, and I think that extra ink flow is another reason the fine is easier to use. The extra-fine is clearly thinner, with less tipping material. I think the extra-fine is a very nice nib in use. Given the variability of nibs it is hard to say if this is representative though. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. your photos show this very clearly, it’s fascinating. On the 2000, the medium nib runs fairly broad, and the broad nib tends to be a stubbish firehose, so if you're purchasing this pen to use on cheaper paper, go finer. I’ve been writing with both for two weeks, in a sort of throwdown: nib versus nib, fine versus extra-fine, with the same ink and the same papers. But in this case, the difference can be seen much more easily from farther away. ( Log Out /  Nonetheless, I suspect the 2000 extra-fine may be best appreciated by those who already like extra-fine nibs and are used to them. I wanted to see for myself. I found the 2000 extra-fine fairly similar to a Sailor fine nib, which is also a slightly dry nib that requires a very light touch and isn’t the easiest nib for everyone. Fine The next size up provides a slightly thicker line with an incrementally higher degree of smoothness and flow. Lamy Fine vs Extra Fine - Which Nib Should I Buy? My own Lamy 2000 fine was in use (for the blog! The Lamy 2000's cap posts securely and deeply, and the pen also has good ink capacity, especially if you use the extra-fine or fine nib option. The Ten Rules. Also, there is sample variation so nib width is more a range. ), so I cadged my son’s fine nib Lamy 2000 and filled that with the same Waterman Serenity Blue. If you are in the market for a new Lamy fountain pen ( ), you might be deciding between the Fine and Extra Fine nibs. This video should help (even though it can be really hard to tell the difference)!My advice? Here’s a closeup of a small writing sample. The extra-fine in the 2000 has a small sweet spot, and I like to use my extra-fine with a wetter ink. Here is a longer writing sample, with passages of the Gettysburg Address written in the extra-fine and then the fine. They are also ideal for writers looking to fit a lot of words into a small space, such as a week-to-view diary. It floats across the page. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this comparison. I ultimately picked the fine nib and have zero regrets. Many fountain pens can be bought in this price range but this one really does feel like it is worth the price. It’s also been good with very absorbent paper like copier paper. I noted above that the Lamy 2000 extra-fine does have a smaller sweet spot than the Lamy 2000 fine, because you notice that when first use it. Practically speaking, I've found very little difference between Lamy fine and extra fine nibs. Practically speaking, I've found very little difference between Lamy fine and extra fine nibs. Any other affiliations or agreements will be noted in this space, if they exist. (and why nib charts aren’t that helpful) I think I will be leaning towards the Lamy 2000 Fine with some good paper now given your advice. It writes like what one may usually call a fine nib. The extra-fine is just not as easy to use as the fine. Honestly, I use a lot of extra-fine nibs, so adjusting to the small sweet spot took me about one sentence worth of writing, and I don’t have to think about it when I use the pen, so I don’t want to over-emphasize that. There’s also ink flow. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.


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