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Darwin Watterson • Mary Test • Killowat • Gender Monroe • Oh, Eugene. Robot Randy • Heroes; Villains; Monsters; Sky Pirates; Sweetypies ; Non-Anthropomorphic Animals; Locations.

Mao Mao taunts Orangusnake into becoming a more threatening villain. Tuba, Lion-O • Samson • Stretch-O-Mutt, Johnny Test • Turbo K.O. Susan Test • Zed • Do you think that monsters attacking the city are gonna...Wait. Bushido • And she leaves her molted skin around everywhere, which is terrible for my allergy...What?

Wilt • This character was eaten by Adorabat, and does not appear in the rest of the episode and is therefore dead. Upgrade • Does that have peanut butter in it? After the Cave Dragon wakes up and scares him, he accidentally breaks his glasses. Kid Flash • Nigel Planter, Cod Commando • (sniffles), Badgerclops comes in and sees Mao Mao super depressed, This reboot Idea I have in mind will have so many differences from the original version of the short lived manga/anime series Nyan Koi. Kevin Whitney •

Muscle Man • Pfish and Chip • Numbuh 5 • Freezelizard • Mao Mao Here it comes, Adorabat! Carmen the Cactus, Uncle Grandpa • Help out the Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart Wiki by expanding it! Frankenstrike • Da Samurai • P.S. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It is possible that this is a reference to bats' usage of echolocation to navigate and forage, especially in very dark environments. Dude, you can't spend your whole life eating ice cream just because Adorabat's gone forever. The gang compete in an annual Thumb War competition. When Adorabat's dad Eugene forbids her from working with the Sheriff's Dept because it's too dangerous, Adorabat sets out to prove that she can take care of herself. Bao Bao returns and King Snugglemagne makes him his pet. Aqualad • In fact in the episode "Popularity Conquest" it is revealed that she is, in fact, more popular than Mao Mao because of how adorable she is. Kelsey Pokoly •

Ryan Sumozski • Hobby XLR8 • maomao; maomaoherosofpureheart ; maomaoxbadgerclops +3 more #3.

So good, their mommies and daddies won't be able to recognize them when I'm done.

I-I can't see! AdventurerDeputy I can sure you we would never put our littlest deputy in harm's way. Register Start a Wiki. Raaah! Terra • Harold •

Fur Speedy •

Diamondhead • I want to go with you! in this version of Nyan Koi Junpei is a cynical well meaning jerk with a heart of gold but learn to be nicer as the series goes on and after he is turned into a cat.

Gravattack • Casanova •

I think we did the right thing. Alan Dracula • Nergal Jr. • Is this the sheriff's department? Adorabat then leaves her room through a window and flies out the window and into a juice bar/arcade in Pure Heart Valley. Ah well at least I am never going back there again ever.

Listening to Mao Mao, Becoming a Legendary Hero like her Leader, Winning Battles, Spending time with her friends, The Dentist, Mao Mao Not Understanding the Festival (, Blue with yellow shaped heart in the center. In "Outfoxed", however, she is shown to be too innocent, naive, and gullible because of a nice act, though she still retains her optimism even after originally saddened by how she was being cheated. Jake •

Oh! The eyeglass of her Mega Mech in the episode ". He realizes that Adorabat is living with them and he forbids her from helping them, telling her that she can’t stay here with strangers, regardless of her protest. Adorabrat In Parker Simmons' "Adorabat Drawing Song - ADORABAT 絵かき 歌" video, Adorabat is pronounced as アドラバット (, However, in the official Japanese dub, Adorabat is named ラブリバット (, Adorabat's age was revealed to be 5 during the episode ", She is very heavy for her size because she has dense bones, which is first mentioned in ". The word Sonara translates to "a jeweler or goldsmith", which explains the special glass that she wore. Lighting • Batgirl • She is a bat inhabitant of Pure Heart Valley who wishes for adventure in the place of safety. Chester • Eyes Adorabat: Things are allot better now that I ran away from home and I am enjoying a nice tasty juice. Cheetara • When bounty hunter Tanya Keys comes to town for Badgerclops, it's up to Mao Mao and Adorabat to save their friend -- even if he's been on the wrong side of the law. Sorry, did you want this open? Zan, Ben Tennyson • What? Wonder Woman • The trio fight a blob monster that copies their every move. The Scotsman • Grey Matter • Hoss Delgado •

Starfire • White Tiger • This article is a stub. She is cute and sweet like the rest of the townsfolk in Pure Heart Valley but unlike them, she is adventurous, cunning and brave. Senator Safely, Mac • "Adoradad" is the 37th episode of the first season of Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart, and the 37th episode overall. Adorabat! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Kid Flash • Species How can they fight without fighting? BMO • Jeff the Spider • She tends to be over-excited and acts carelessly.

After being disrespected by Mao Mao and Adorabat, Badgerclops takes the opportunity to become big and do what he wants. Tiki Torch •

Richard, See Also: Characteristics Occupation Later the Monster Alarm rings and both Mao Mao and Badgerclops go to Adorabat’s original home. He just wants what' for you. When Adorabat feels that she's useless during battles, Badgerclops makes her a machine to help. Goo, Juniper Lee •

Adorabat Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! I gotta go save her! Oh. Raven • Alive It looks just like him. Adorabat: But I really really am Sorry Mao Mao. She quickly becomes impressed with the skills of Mao Mao and Badgerclops, and aids them with the defeat of Orangusnake. I can't see! Fred Fredburger • After Adorabat, who has dug out on all of his junk food, comes out of the kitchen, she realizes that her father is gone. The gang is unsure on how to tell Badgerclops that he smells. Black with yellow sclera Herald • She is the only female member of the group. Ophelia Ramirez • Such acts include bullying the other students at her elementary school, collecting a huge amount of bones and popping balloons with sharp sticks. Sonara's glass. Ultimate Big Chill • Yeah. Operation Moon Roof! Her body resembles a stuffed animal, and has a yellow heart on her belly. Mandy • Professor Paradox • Knuckles • good riddence! Chromastone • Big claws? Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community.

I-I...Well, you know, I mean, obviously, you can't have fun all the time. Carol • Adorabat is a blue, small bat with big yellow eyes. Louie and Elmo • Wilfred, Courage • Blizowolfer • Well, I'm not afraid! Al] • Well, I-I-I...It's just...I've been, uh, you know, working so much...Double, triple shifts. Bumblebee • Oh, no, no, no. After his true intentions are revealed, Adorabat becomes heartbroken, and then enraged at Rufus and Reggie, and, despite her normally non-threatening nature, proceeds to give them a brutal beating. Vin Moosk • • Association of World Super Men, Cow • Adorabat is a blue, small bat with big yellow eyes. No! Come on, Badgerclops. Uh. Ms. Sara Bellum • As they leave, her dad claims that how badly she escapes, until she holds a photo of Someone when she was born, which is actually about his deceased wife. Adorabat's parents were not seen in the early parts of the series and were only mentioned in "Head Chef" where she briefly mentions her father who told her that she had a rich inner life. Numbuh 362 • Voice Actor Um...I'm, uh, sorry about earlier. In the Battle, Adorabat, Badgerclops, and Mao Mao defeat the cave dragon, and Eugene rethinks his opinion about Mao Mao and Badgerclops.

Ultimate Beast • Beast Boy • Shake & Flick • Nina Neckerly • Adorabat? Snarf • Adorabat tells Mao Mao a white lie to keep the adventures going, but it all goes wrong. Luther • Full Name Nicole Watterson • Your ex fan/Ex Deputy, Adorabat. Family Traits I'll mess 'em up real good. Do-Gooder Fourarms • The Sweetypie's believe the legendary Torbaclaun is there in Pure Heart Valley. Yeah, and if you did, I'd come get you! Adorabat tells him that she does not want to stay here and would rather be with her friends, but Eugene wants her to never run away again as he has been having a hard time coping ever since his wife (Adorabat's mother) Sonara. I don't want to see you anywhere near these...dangerous thugs! Watch Queue Queue. Monkey • Well, uh, she's about yea high, blue...Takes after her old man that way...And just cute as a button, but, uh...if I'm honest...she scares me. 5 Max Tennyson •

Tut, tut. Heatblast • Eh...Eh, I'll be right there. Although Eugene is impressed by his daughter, he still admits that she scares him sometimes, and the episode ends. Hanna-Barbera Heroes • Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. The Woolies • Enemy(s) July 10, 2020 (online)July 14, 2020 (TV)

Hunchback of Nowhere •


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