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Now, in an exclusive chat with Starts at 60, the world-famous violinist, 69, has revealed how he really felt when he discovered the $63 million (£34 million) sets had left him completely bankrupt. Check out for participating cinemas. And I don’t think it’s the case that they come to my concerts and experience joy for three hours and then go back to misery. It is in a warehouse.". He says he had never heard the music of The Beatles or The Rolling Stones until he met Marjorie in the early 1970s.

Of course, recreating a castle was completely stupid, so it was my worst financial decision but also my best, because it bought the best publicity.”, Read more: Defying tradition: Andre Rieu’s unique inheritance plan for sons and grandkids. She asks me: ‘Why can you not use sugar water?’ But then we would be pretending and when the pretence starts, it becomes just a show.”, Read more: Andre Rieu reveals secret to loving 40-year marriage to wife Marjorie. I'm a person who cannot sit still.". “I see a lot of jealousy around me,” he says, cheerfully as ever. Asked if it was a stressful time for him, Rieu said: “I would lie if I denied this; of course, it was a very exciting time but I always kept the feeling, that everything would turn out fine. I think that’s a very nice way to say it.”. That’s the way I look at things. When he famously led several thousand Ajax fans in a sing-along of Shostakovich’s little-known Waltz No 2, during the 1995 Champions League semi-final against Bayern Munich, it marked a rare foray into Russian composition for an artist who unabashedly prefers Johann Strauss and the theme from Titanic to Richard Wagner.

She became a member of Starts at 60 and got access to amazing travel deals, free masterclasses, exclusive news and features and hot member discounts! The palace is still there. Did he reconcile with his mother before she died? I follow my heart and nothing else. I'm playing for lovely, warm-hearted people. The film of his 2018 Maastricht concert – Amore, My Tribute to Love – grossed £1.67 million over two weekends in Britain and Ireland, breaking the previous box office record held by, well, André Rieu. Its world premiere, in the presence of its composer of course, was in Vienna; that moment, I will treasure the rest of my life!”. That said, Rieu has an inner sadness that you'd never imagine from listening to his music or attending one of his instantly sold-out shows. I have a friend who says: you are not lucky; you work so hard that’s what makes the luck for you. It is a style of classical music that, according to Donald Clarke in the Irish Times, makes "Richard Clayderman seem like Karlheinz Stockhausen". I am what you see on stage and what you hear on stage.”, André Rieu: 70 Years Young is on release January 4th and 5th. Source: YouTube/Andre Rieu (left) and Getty (right). But it’s incredible, I hear stories about people in the cinema dancing and singing and clapping. “They said we’re going to do the concerts in a cinema.

They have two sons, Marc and Pierre. I don't eat them all but it gives me a lot of joy. That ought to have satisfied his most vitriolic critics, but, in keeping with Rieu-brand magic, he bounced back.

It cost me several years in therapy to get loose of that terrible thing, because of course I would have liked to have had a lovely mother who believed in me, who loved me, but that was not the case.". “Before becoming an actor, he dreamed of a career as a composer; I was absolutely gobsmacked when I heard his composition. “People say: Oh my God, he plays waltzes.

By the time he returned from Australia, he was €34 million in debt. His 2019 summer concert outpaced its predecessor. He sees joyful weeping. You can see his full schedule and buy tickets on his official website here. "No, no…" he says, haltingly. You should receive instructions for resetting your password. "My life would have been totally different.

And she entered to win a $10K trip for four people to Norfolk Island in 2021. I have a sort of radar with the audience. I can’t believe that.”. She never said, 'We made a mistake when you were young, not believing in you, because now see what you have achieved'. "It wasn't [reconciled]. “I was born here, I live here, and I’m going to die here,” he laughs. And since then I'm baking cakes at home. “Almost 40 years ago, I started giving tiny concerts with my first ensemble, the Maastricht Salon Orchestra (five members, including me) in elderly homes for, let’s say, 30 or 40 old men and women. She was a cold person. Their son Pierre is the vice-president of André Rieu Productions. And there’s a positive mentality.

André Rieu doesn't listen to music. Anyone else would at least have the good grace to complain about sore cheeks from all that smiling. Meanwhile, thousands of enthusiastic men and women come to see and hear my 60-member Johann Strauss Orchestra; it is the largest private orchestra in the world!”.

"I worked very hard for it," he says. And we calculated that we would need 500 people for five days to build this thing and I don’t know why but we always assembled it in two days. Marjorie Rieu, his wife of almost 45 years, is his long-time business partner. Menu That is a gift I have.

"It was very hard. “And we toured the world with it.

Rieu is never bitter toward his critics. And by then the audience are in the mood and they don’t want to stop. "That performance at half-time in Amsterdam changed my career - and my life," Rieu says. Almost 5 years ago now! Now, asked by Starts at 60 if the set and expense was worth the risk, Rieu said: “Yes, it was; I am thrilled and honoured by the fact that so many people in all the continents of the world seem to enjoy the music we’re playing. And finally, it did!”, He added: “It still gives me shivers when I realise we were touring with the biggest concert stage ever built.

Did his parents get to see their son become famous across the world? Even in pop music you hear: no, that’s not pop music. Thin Lizzy members on the band’s rise and fall: ‘Heroin was the worst mistake we made’, Netflix: 10 of the best new shows and films to watch in November, Agatha Christie: A realist writer who created true literary magic, Netflix: The best 50 films to watch right now, The return Zig and Zag on The Den: ‘People need a bit of mayhem, madness and boldness’, Fairy forts: Why these ‘sacred places’ deserve our respect, Richard Ford: America could fail.

When you have reset your password, you can, Please choose a screen name. Or their mother or father beat them. He may be known for his dramatic performances and flamboyance on stage, but Andre Rieu risked everything when he let his creativity go so far that it ended up clearing out his life savings.

", Heartworm: The inside story of the album that changed Irish music, How the Corrs’ mid-life crises might set the stage for a post-Covid comeback, 'Any woman would have to be very trusting' - Nathan Carter on his difficulties finding love, losing his mojo and why he sold his Aston Martin, 'I think it's a p*** take' - Noel Gallagher on why he refuses to wear a 'pointless' mask, 'It’s the most personal song I’ve ever written' - Dublin singer releases song about his mother's cancer battle with all proceeds going to the Irish Cancer Society. How does that affect his creativity? We don’t have a manager overseeing what we do and looking after the money. Because of Covid-19, the grand master has had no choice but to slow down.

She never said that to me.

"Of course we have a lot of material from all the concerts to lift the world up. Majorie Rieu was born in the Netherlands in 1951. Its previous owner was Charles de Batz-Castelmore d’Artagnan – the inspiration for Alexandre Dumas’s musketeer, who died at the siege of Maastricht in 1673. He’s not interested in the canon.

2. Their son Pierre is the vice-president of André Rieu Productions. Please subscribe to sign in to comment.

It was a rallying call: 40,000 fans waved flags as Rieu played The Second Waltz by Shostakovich.

(One of the few languages he doesn’t speak)., He told the Telegraph at the time: “My castle was the best set ever built for an artist. And he gushes about the Johann Strauss Orchestra, which he founded in 1987, as his second family.

He studied the instrument at the Royal Conservatory of Liège and at the Conservatorium Maastricht, where a rapturous response to a university performance of the Gold And Silver Waltz by Franz Lehár schooled him in the romance of three-quarter time. The identical replicas of the palace included fountains, an ice rink, a ballroom of dancers and even a state carriage coated in real gold.

His family life is idyllic.

His waltz-dependent tours are invariably spectacular.

"I performed Lost Heroes for the fire-fighters.

He said he was very jealous of the way I coped with my orchestra. This name will appear beside any comments you post. For me, the glass is always half full. I was a small boy. He is modest enough to admit, however: "I don't know if Bruce Springsteen even knows my name. They say: no that’s not classical music. Now, asked by Starts at 60 if the set and expense was worth the risk, Rieu … "I was born like that," says Rieu, who was born on October 1, 1949 in Maastricht. I can tell you that if we were to force ourselves to enjoy the shows or force ourselves to smile, the audience would immediately know it was theatre. "I worked on it, to solve that.

Even the Daily Mail, an imprint that can usually be relied upon to treasure the accessible, traditional aesthetic favoured by Rieu, uses backhanded phrases as “ladies of a certain age” when describing his fanbase. I can only run or sleep all my life.".

I am sure things are going to be good again and we can jump up on stage and play for the people.

The father-of-two was inspired to create a full-scale replica of the Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna after performing there with his Johann Strauss Orchestra in 2008. The publicity from his bankruptcy allowed him to sell out all of his 2009 concerts, and he went into 2010 with a $20 million profit.

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He performed at half-time in the Champions League semi-final second leg between Ajax and Bayern Munich at the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam. ", Rieu would like to work with Bruce Springsteen one day. ", Where does his own seemingly inexhaustible onstage energy come from?

Marjorie too was steeped in the classical music tradition, but "when I met her we listened to The Beatles and The Rolling Stones together. And if Ajax had lost to Bayern? André Rieu tells Barry Egan about the sadness that touched his life - 'I would like to have had a lovely mother who loved me' - and how he has channelled his creativity during the pandemic He is a big example for me. “Journalists and politicians say we live in a cynical world but I don’t believe that we live in a cynical world. In 2016, he told the New York Times that he regarded the “schmaltz” tag as complimentary. And the money is coming in. The biggest-selling classical musician in the world is talking proudly about how his father, Andries Antonie Rieu, was a conductor "in the classical sense with his face to the orchestra, while I have my face to the audience most of the time". A 2009 thread on the Dutch impresario at contained such eye-watering (and uncharacteristic) jabs as “scum of the earth”.


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