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But you can at least make the case that you’re a squishy melee character so they can really help you to get away if you need to! In the desperate situation outlined above, taking those hits with low health is going to mean bleeding cards. But they can both be enhanced. It is useful to get out of tight spots, though. This bottom half isn’t it. Just to be safe though, a bit of a fair warning first – this article may contain minor spoilers so stop here if you don’t want to see anything. It means that you need to be on the ball as Mindthief because there’s no room for error. The idea behind this card is to be able to move your summon because it only does Move 1 by itself, but committing 2 cards out of your 10 to a summon just isn’t a good return. Gotta put cheese on the table y’know. Augments, in Gloomhaven, are a core part of the game; however, they need to be unlocked. Later on we’re going to get into specific attacks, what actions to use and when, but before we dive into specifics it’s very important that you have solid foundational knowledge of movement strategy. So there are situations when you need to hold off and wait patiently. Less versatile than the Boots of Striding and less necessary because we already have Jump on the bottom of Feedback Loop, but the Winged Shoes are super helpful at making the most of your movement. I haven't played a game yet but it looks fun and engaging. Eventually we’re going to need to have some bottom actions in our repertoire. This is the action you were hoping for! This is going to be one of your work horse, vanilla flavoured Attack cards that has some sprinkles of excitement on the bottom. We are a melee glass cannon! Is it better to deal 4 damage across 4 monsters, inflict Muddle on each of them and create Ice? Pairs up well with pretty much any top attack card, and will also help as a tactical retreat if you do need to summon the Meat Shield. Lightning-fast 08 initiative meaning we can be pretty sure of going first! He can tank a bit of damage, just like our Gnawing Horde, but if you’re burning a Level 2 card to do that then the juice isn’t worth the squeeze. In my group, the Mindthief easily scoops up experience and levels very quickly. After you hit them, not only are they Immobilized, but they are also taking damage each turn, leaving them with less health remaining by the time they reach you. The top action lets you bulk up on retaliate, which isn’t super useful unless you’re near a lot of melee enemies. Move 4 Attack 4 is a very healthy action, especially since it will allow you to pair this up with another attack (Frigid Apparition or Submissive Affliction) to lay down a whooping after you’ve moved in from 4 hexes away. Neither are bad choices. Movement is always useful for the Mindthief. Packs a punch, but you definitely need to keep him out of danger. TMW + Perverse Edge: You won’t get much damage out of it, but it’ll set up TMW and Stun a fool for next time. The combos you have available will vary depending on the cards you choose and the level you’re at. The Push on the top does help with that though! The top action is an augment which, of course, loses out to The Minds Weakness. The 1 damage on Perverse Edge will serve you fine at lower levels, but later on, you’re going to need something with a bit more oomph! And when we’re looking at some massive ugly enemy with an Attack 8, Perverse Edge is gonna start looking mighty handy. But it’s better to take another ability along that is more versatile. Guide to Starting Gloomhaven as Mindthief, Guide to starting Gloomhaven in two with the pair Mindthief – Spellweaver, Starting Gloomhaven as Spellweaver – Boardgames In Two, Follow Boardgames In Two on WordPress.com. In reality, we’ll probably only get to apply Muddle consistently beforehand by using the Move on Feedback Loop, but even that gives us a +7 ability with The Mind’s Weakness. A nice melee 3 that we can boost with our Augment to 5. I love this card. Because we don’t get the bonus to our ranged abilities, we need to make sure we haven’t got too many of them in our hand. You’re gonna want to bring it along with you for every campaign. The tricky part then becomes how do you move in and go invisible? Thirdly (yes, I know I said “couple” but shhh), it curses thanks to the enhancement. We can’t even TMW our way up to a 3 attack on that, what gives? That’s it – 125g of upgrades – two cards. That’s a pass for you. We drop Submissive Affliction. Since these two games compete with each other in many ways, it can be difficult to decide... An ultimate guide to all of the Villains in Villainous including the Villains available in the 3 expansions.. Also take note of the poison that they can lay down. Ideally, we don’t want to be relying on Shields at all. Mindthief … Frosthaven: A Complete Spoiler-Free Overview. That means you need to get upfront where all the action is so that the Mindthief can dish out damage but also have a strategy in place to avoid receiving damage. The 77 initiative doesn’t gel very well with the Immobilize ability for running away so you’d need to pair it with a low initiative card to make it useful. But it makes total sense given the vermling’s place in Gloomhaven. This card pairs well with Scurry, but PE’s range is limiting. The RPG style dungeon crawler board game Gloomhave has been the bee's knees doing the rounds in the greater community. The top action adds 2 damage to any attack. I’m here to deal damage, not get other people to do it for me! For no other reason than to keep out of the way of The Minds Weakness. Of course, you can just use it as a regular loot action and ignore the conditional bonus. Please note that I have a minor Stamina potion, as well as a couple of other items that help with turning the Mindthief into an absolute tank! Apart from mowing down regular monsters with an Attack 5, allow me to shed some light on how this card will truly benefit you in the long run… shielded enemies. Before level 6: Sinister Opportunity [93] / Thief's Knack or Special Mixture or other bottom attack. Highly useful and very flexible, two positive aspects for a burner card. Card 9 (either to be burned on rest 1, or replacement for something being burned rest 1). A summon that can keep up with us! You get to keep using it! Great responsibility. Soak in that top line. I’ll come back and continue adding in higher level cards as I unlock them, but for now I hope you’ve gotten lots of useful information and insight into how the Vermling Mindthief works. The top action isn’t extremely helpful. You scurry around in a circle around all the bad guys, jumping over them, getting under their feet and ending up back where you started. The invisible character can't be attacked or targeted by hostile effects. Plus, we know that the 1 damage is actually and 3 because of our Augment, making it a nice reusable ability. If you’re just starting out then I would use your remaining 10 gold on a Minor Stamina Potion. Don’t get put off by her weak health, this does not entail that she’ll quickly leave the battle field with the tail between her legs. Invisibility is wonderful. Read on, and you’ll have an ample amount of knowledge to go forth and succeed as the Vermling Mindthief. The 20 initiative is just ok. So settle in for a complete guide to the Vermling Mindthief. The top and bottom repeatable abilities are both highly useful and the 10 initiative just tops it all off. That plus The Mind’s Weakness can cause some serious damage! This is the order I recommend them in, but I will caveat this with the advice that you should prioritize these based on your party composition. Frigid Apparition + Feedback Loop: Move 4 (Jump) to go wherever you need to and then Attack 5 with Stun if Ice is on the board. We don’t need dark right now, but we will do soon…. That will make light work of monsters, especially in a 4 player group. Hi! Some attack with a strengthen. Elemental infusions are generated after your round ends; thus no stun from the generated frost. We’ve covered off Loot, Invisible, Heal, Move, and Stun. This card is so much fun. And the monsters are going to hit harder, so this won’t mitigate as much of their impact as it does earlier on. Perverse Edge is a card that you put in your hand at level 1 and it stays there forever. You then use the Minor Stamina Potion, to pick the combo back up, and next turn use it again against another adjacent enemy. Add in that he’s a Loss with slow movement, and you’ll want to save him for the last room really. So here we have our final deck. Simple. I’m going to switch this section up and do the bottom first because it’s dead simple and I haven’t got much to tell you about it. You can play it safe. The linchpin which holds this build together! Usually, there won’t be a situation when the card loss makes this worth it. In some groups, that may be exactly what you want, you may need that versatility. That can be the difference between being the first to the treasure chest or not! If you make smart moves, this card will keep you alive consistently. It’s great if there’s a trap that you can make a bad guy walk into, or if moving it 1 hex away will make it go after someone else. And this has one of the worst Mindthief initiatives at 48. – Spoiler Warning – We’re about to take a look at the non-starter cards. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Immobilizing an enemy who is 4 hexes away is as good as stunning them more often than not, and then you Stop. It’s another summon! However, the top action isn’t bad. One of the most powerful tools in the Mindthief’s repertoire and one of the cornerstones to playing a Mindthief (one of the paving stones of Mindthief strategy) is to augment their own abilities. We can do 4 damage, get some shinies and Create Dark, or go invisible. If only we had a useful card that could generate ice…. And it’s a non-loss! If there are lots of traps in the scenerio it can deal some damage as well as get you out of battle. This Goomhaven Mindthief guide focuses on building and playing as a damage focussed Mindthief who stuns monsters! The upper half allowed a strong attack from distance that disarms the targeted enemy and creates ice. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Every class likes to have some extra movement so you may not get these in a large group. Dropping a killer attack on a fool is wicked fun, but unless you’ve got an exit plan, your Vermling is going to end up as roadkill and your party Brute will be scraping you off the dungeon floor…, A tried-and-true method of dishing out damage and stay alive is to go late, move in, punch the enemy in the mouth, and then go early the next turn so that you can smack him in the face one more time before you run away. Empathetic Assault + Into The Night: Move 2, Heal 2, Loot 1. The top Augment is pretty good, for higher health monsters that will be around for a while, but for most of the time, The Mind’s Weakness is the better choice. Slow Card (for turn after invis when TMW is being sustained). And then everyone covered in his grey matter gets hit with Attack 2. Use Stun and Immobilize to prevent the closest monsters from doing any damage on their turn. And you know what, with so much Ice floating around, we may as well add the Shield and get an Experience point. Great for when the enemies are dead before you move into a new room. Since then we’ve retired our Tinkerer, and now retired our Scoundrel as well. ( Log Out /  Poison is a bit of a necessity in such instances.


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