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@PSI Gaming! Passion will award Duster his first Kindness point. HexploringUser: When one of these Kindness stat increases happens (like in the video) does the stat at the locations you provided change too? Zombie Man 12 44 7 1 5 95 0 25 0 DP. <- D ], <- E ->, <- E ], [ I ->, <- I ->, <- I ], Wouldn’t it be an idea to go straight to the source and ask someone from the original developers team about it? 02004268: Duster Experience I kind of doubt it would have had any bearing on battles though, I think the glitch might have just been pulling up the name of a random stat in that video. I wonder if they’re connected somehow. Chapter 2. These items are not considered by the game, since the inventory is set by Game logic when you add a character to the group.However, if you go to the Debug Room before the end of the Prologue, the inventory isn't set and the game uses these items. When not using the Spin Jump, the jump strengths being read are 00, so Mario fails to jump at all. Overflow problems happen in other games when using cheats as well. If not, maybe in the human bosses and human enemies? This school stuff is giving me a headache. With a Kindness of 255: approximately 900 HP recovered to all allies. Animal party members have these bytes set. If byte BD is not 01, the character won't be playable in battle. With each new level, a character gains points of HP, PP, Offense, etc. You forgot to mention that the unused Memo menu has some info on the Kindness stat. To use this feature, you need to be logged in to GameFAQs. Maybe one of these days we’ll figure out the mystery, but if you have any ideas, please share them! Maybe related, maybe not, but there’s also apparently an unused battle command called something like “Consider” or “Give consideration”. Because it seems crazy that a stat that’s supposed to be just 1 or 2 at most was allowed to increase by 100+ in battle. It was later remade as a 2D game. Of course there would probably be situations where someone (a boss) couldn’t be friendly or somethin’. However, the game was cancelled due to production problems. However, in EarthBound, IQ increases the amount of PP the user has, an IQ point is equivalent to 5 PP, also, Jeff Andonuts' IQ affects his ability to fix broken items. : The “pray” command actually exists throughout the entire game, offering randomized effects when used. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. For reference, his IQ and Speed stats are at 0200427E and 0200427F, respectively. Life-up for Lucas If byte BC is not 00, it won't be possible to see the Status of the character and their inventory. CHARACTER STATS Each playable character in Mother 3 has a handful of stats that change over time. Maybe one of these days we’ll figure out the mystery, but if you have any ideas, please share them! The higher the kindess stat is the easier it is to make enemies friendly. . Each entry has 16 bytes: The game will try to meet these targets, but it adds some randomness to it as well, so the exact values aren't usually met. MOTHER 3:Level-up stats table. Jump to: navigation, search. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Mother 3 was intended to be an N64 game. It’s a spin-off RPG featuring people from the series. , I get the feeling the kindness stat would have been used when talking to random people, like they would or would not give an item to somebody based on their kindness level. Two people in the comments suggested the kindness stat had something to do with PSI Lifeup or PK Love. When it’s high, you perform better in your actions, get payed more, etc. Contributed By: GenerationX-Men 4 0 « See More or Submit Your Own! What determines the success of things like Duster’s thief tools? (But that might not make sense, because PK Love is an offense-type PSI..XD) Also, I have NEVER seen that Flint animation. At the end of my most recent playthrough, Duster had a Kindness stat of 2, Lucas had a Kindness stat of 3, Kumatora’s was 2, and Boney’s was 3. If the formulas are anything like Earthbound’s, then Kindness should not change no matter how much the characters level up. Tools for Duster There are 11 stats entries: one for the starting/base stats, and then ten entries used for extrapolating a stats curve (one point at every tenth level). Maybe it has random events based on how high it is? Can’t take credit for the flint one. LV - The current level of experience your character is at. Like “luck”? All of these 32-bit values max out at 0x98967F, so put the values 7F 96 98 into these addresses to max out experience, then fight a battle. This problem would really only affect people in the pre-internet age who got the game used sans guide, so it’s not LIKELY to be a huge issue, but still…, On a side-note, I’m currently playing through Mother 3 and I really did say my favorite thing is Gaming. This does not contain level-up experience data. I know this hasn’t been posted on for quite a long time, but I found this post and I think I have a theory. Each stat has a different purpose. It's unknown what these bytes do and if they're used or not. While translating MOTHER 3, we came across a stat called “Kindness” that seemed to be unused. If someone made a document detailing Mother 3’s formulas, I might be able to provide a better guess. I have a very minor addition to this. The following charts list the stat ranges for Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo in Earthbound, through level 99. Also, I think the unused command has something to do with the Kindness stat, too. For example, there’s an unused sprite where Flint kills the Mecha-Drago. Also, some PSI, such as Brainshock, can be affected by the IQ level of the attack target. When gaining multiple levels in one battle (which can be done by setting experience to a high number without also setting the level), stat gains appear to happen all at once rather than one at a time like in Earthbound. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Duster’s Kindness stat is stored at 02004280 in the GBA memory. And of course, the Kindness stat is often theorised to be connected with the “warm feeling in your heart” things at some points in the game. People just usually don’t use it, which would make it all the harder to figure out on your own that you need to. However my theory for the Kindness stat comes from this: in London Life, there’s a stat called Happiness. The first time I tried this technique, I got what I thought were underwhelming stats, but subsequent experiments show that stats change at the same rates as normal. This table is only ever considered for Lucas and Kumatora; everyone else's tables are empty and never get read. To overflow, he would need to meet or exceed 4/3 his fastest possible speed. 020043AC: Salsa Experience Flint does not get any opportunities for warm feelings in his heart, so his Kindness maxes out at 0. Every two bytes, there's the value of one of the equipped items of a character when you first use it. Its effect is not entirely clear, as it is not described in-game. im not an expert on this stuff (and maybe someone already said this) but maybe the “consider” thing could make enemies just befriend you or something. (There is evidence that suggests this value was used in some bugged, or outdated, Game logic when talking to a mouse in Osohe Castle). I should clean it up and upload it sometime. The enemies were always a Pigmask Colonel and a Return of Octobot. It's good to know what these stats do and how to use them to your advantage.


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