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In addition to copious storage, each accommodation cabin is fitted with its own shower, toilet, television, internet, and individual thermostat. Website by BUILD MARKETING, Just Tell The Story -The Best Advice I Ever Received. RUSI-VI managed to secure a tour of the latest addition to the RCN, the very modern Interim AOR, MV ASTERIX. MV Asterix is the vessel recently converted to act as a replenishment ship, and leased to the Canadian Government to support Canadian Navy operations. Ships For Victory -Can Canada Build Ships Today, The Canadian Maple Leaf -A RCN Tradition Honouring Our Sailors Past, 10 Foot Model of RCN WWII Corvette TRENTONIAN, “Crest is for Teeth, Ship’s Have Badges” and Other Poor Naval Grammar, My Experience with a Rogue Wave on the High Seas. The current position of ASTERIX is at North East Atlantic Ocean (coordinates 36.68829 N / 25.99885 W) reported 1 min ago by AIS. Canadian Armed Forces video by Imagery Technician Sgt Devin Vandesype (Found on a page hosted on DVIDS.) MV Asterix - Welcome to the Fleet ceremony & tour Read More. MV ASTERIX -Exterior Tour of RCN’s Interim AOR; Throwing Away Canadian History, ex-HMCS ATHABASKAN to go to Breakers! Photo: Sandy McClearn. RUSI-VI managed to secure a tour of the latest addition to the RCN, the very modern Interim AOR, MV ASTERIX. Two large knuckle-boom cranes at the bow can lift between 15 and 30 tonnes, depending on the boom configuration. Thank you from across the water. DSC4210-asterix hangar ceremony. The "Welcome to the Fleet" ceremony was held in the port hangar, with a reception held later in the starboard hangar. DSC4236-asterix … MV Asterix (formerly MS Asterix, MS Amorito, MS Neermoor and MS Cynthia) is a Canadian commercial container ship. Currently fitted with mountings for .50 calibre machine guns, the two aft corners of the superstructure can also accommodate, if desired, the RCN's Phalanx 20mm CIWS. A touch-screen is provided near the exit to allow the crew to rate each meal. Photo: Sandy McClearn. A large, brightly lit, cafeteria can easily feed the entire crew. Dedication Ceremony for Afghanistan Memorial in Trenton, White Ensign Flying -The Story Of HMCS TRENTONIAN, Royal Canadian Navy -Victory’s/Losses Battle of Atlantic in World War II, Royal Canadian Air Force Submarine Attacks Battle Of Atlantic during WWII, Canadian & Newfoundland Merchant Navy Losses –Battle Of Atlantic in WWII, Royal Canadian Navy Pennant Numbers World War II. The Integrated Tactical and Navigation Station on the bridge. 2 – Second Quarter 2020, RUSI-VI Newsletter Volume 52, No. 1 – First Quarter 2020, RUSI-VI Newsletter Volume 51, No. As with previous RCN supply vessels, the NATO compliant replenishment-at-sea system was designed and built in Canada. This allowed me to photograph much of the ship and assemble a photographic tour of many of the interior spaces. Here is some B-roll footage of HMCS VANCOUVER doing replenishment-at-sea from MV ASTERIX on Exercise RIMPAC 2018. 3 – Third Quarter 2020, RUSI-VI Newsletter Volume 52, No.

A large, brightly lit, cafeteria can easily feed the entire crew. The ship incorporates two large helicopter hangars into the aft end of the superstructure. Photo: Sandy McClearn. Cafeteria servery. Asterix Tourism | Committed to Excellence Tourism Services was born out of a need to provide complete Hospitality and Tourism services for Luxury Travelers, as well as Property Development services for Corporate Clients. She is intended to act as an interim replacement between the out of service Protecteur-class replenishment oiler and the future Protecteur-class auxiliary vessel. Multiple lounges are provided for the crew.

Photo: Sandy McClearn. DSC4180-asterix manning the rails. DSC4223-asterix hangar ceremony. This ship is currently the most important ship in the Navy, as it is the only ship with strategic impact, allowing the Navy to sail anywhere in the … Until recently, the RCN owned and operated its own AOR fleet, which were commissioned (hence the HMCS moniker) and were crewed entirely by the Navy (if you ignore the RCAF contingent carried when helicopters were onboard). MV Asterix, the new Interim Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment (iAOR) that the Royal Canadian Navy has leased from Federal Fleet Services (FFS), successfully completed her trials during the winter and was formally accepted by the RCN. Photo: Sandy McClearn. Cutlass Fury Day 2 - Heading out in advance of Hur... RCN personnel line the rail prior to the "Welcome to the Fleet" ceremony. It is a non-partisan, independent, and non-profit organization. Powered by, Ferry Found for Yarmouth - the Cat is Back. This ship is currently the most important ship in the Navy, as it is the only ship with strategic impact, allowing the Navy to sail anywhere in the world without having to rely on foreign AORs. Photo: Sandy McClearn. Lounges include internet stations for the crew to keep in contact with family and the outside world. 1 – First Quarter 2019, RUSI-VI Newsletter Volume 52, No. Unveiling MV Asterix, Resolve Class AOR; MV Asterix -Why Not HMCS ASTERIX? It fills the gap for the Navy until the acceptance of the two JSS ships (completion 2021/2022). In addition to two RAS observation positions on the superstructure, the RAS control cab on the forward deck is fitted with four individual control stations, one for each RAS station. Photo: Sandy McClearn. The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement. Photo: Sandy McClearn. Photo: Sandy McClearn. A repository for whatever wisdom (or lack thereof) I choose to dispense. For General Inquiries please contact the President at, To promote national defence and security issues through discussion and engagement, Royal United Services Institute of Vancouver Island (RUSI-VI), RUSI-VI Newsletter Volume 51, No. It was purchased by Federal Fleet Services as part of Project Resolve, and was later converted into a supply ship for the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN). Photo: Sandy McClearn. The CDA is the oldest and most influential advocacy group in Canada’s defence community, consisting of associations from all parts of the country. “Suck It Up Buttercup!” No Longer an Option for First Responders Facing Critical Incident Stress and PTSD. Photo: Sandy McClearn. This was a rare opportunity, as ASTERIX may not be on the West Coast again for up to a year. DSC4183-asterix hangar. HMCS MONTREAL alongside for a fuel transfer.

Photo: Sandy McClearn. Ships For Victory -Can Canada Build Ships Today; The Canadian Maple Leaf -A RCN Tradition Honouring Our Sailors Past; RCN Could Chase Subs Underwater! © Sandy McClearn. Originally launchedin Germany in 2010 as Cynthia, the ship was converted and de… Buy Photos. Probably consisting mostly of Naval and Maritime history, Photography, or a combination thereof.

Throwing Away Canadian History, ex-HMCS ATHABASKAN to go to Breakers! MV ASTERIX -Exterior Tour of RCN’s Interim AOR November 17, 2017by Roger Litwiller4 Comments Full bow view of MV ASTERIX and her bulbous bow, while in the Champlain Dry Dock, the largest dry dock in Canada at Davie Shipyard in Levis, PQ. She has since departed Halifax for … 2 – Second Quarter 2020 – SPECIAL, RUSI-VI Newsletter Volume 52, No. Prior to her departure, FFS was kind enough to invite me to the "Welcome to the Fleet" ceremony in early March, and also to allow me to revisit the ship in April.

Photo: Sandy McClearn. Fantastic photos , a fantastic ship , fantastic article. The vessel is en route to the port of Halifax, sailing at a speed of 18.8 knots and expected to arrive there on Oct 27, 12:00..

As a civilian owned ship.

September 17, 2020adminHMCS Ville de Quebec, Joint Warrior, MV Asterix, NATO, Scotland Exercise Joint Warrior is the largest military exercise in Europe, bringing together the Royal Navy, the Royal Air Force and the British Army, as well as forces from other nations. … Tour of the MV ASTERIX - January 31, 2019 The NI BC Branch participated in a tour of MV Asterix, at Ogden Point in Victoria. Photo: Sandy McClearn. DSC4201-asterix hangar ceremony.

I would be interested to know how this compares to the USNS and RFA ships of the United States and Royal Navies, both civilian manned ships of their respective navies, in particular with how they would operate in a war zone. Where Asterix is being leased from FFS (a first for the RCN), and will not be commissioned into the Navy, the "Welcome to the Fleet" ceremony was somewhat unprecedented. All Rights Reserved. The view from atop the bridge provides a clear sense of perspective and shows how much bigger. Your email address will not be published.

For Membership Issues, please contact the Membership Director at Awesome Inc. theme. The ship is also fitted with several elevators for both materials and crew. The CDA expresses its ideas and opinions with a view to influencing government security and defence policy. A large kitchen can produce 500 cooked meals per hour, a bonus for HADR missions. Photo: Sandy McClearn. Information. As a civilian-owned vessel operating in the service of the RCN, Asterix will be permitted to fly the Canadian Forces Auxiliary Vessel (CFAV) jack. 4 – Fourth Quarter 2019, RUSI-VI Newsletter Volume 51, No. A large and well equipped gym runs the full width of the superstructure. DSC4206-asterix hangar ceremony. 3 – Third Quarter 2019. Wide passageways are colour-coded by deck for easier wayfinding.


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