overhand loop knot strength
First we tied a simple overhand knot in the Marlowbraid and Dyneema to see what difference a knot makes to the break load of any line. All Rights Reserved. I have done this by taking a piece of representative mainline ( 17lb Shimano Technium) about 30 cm long and I have formed 2 loop knots in each end. To make an arbor knot, that is used in fishing. For jewelry making such as … Each of the lengths of Technium was pulled as above till the line broke, the results of the tests are shown in this table. All Rights Reserved Copyright & Privacy (v10.0). The Surgeon's Loop is essentially a Double Overhand Knot. It is quick simple and does indeed form a loop – but is it significantly weaker than a figure of 8 loop ? This one is easier ( which is why people use it) and can be best demonstrated by. Uses: The Surgeon’s Loop is essentially a Double Overhand Knot. For three-strand we looked at a round turn and two half-hitches, a bowline and a spliced loop, all popular mooring options. Do you have comments ? No responsibility is accepted for incidents arising from the use of this material. Then we looked at loop knots. The Clove Hitch can be used for a temporary hold, e.g., stage scenery or mooring buoy. The evolution of a rig – the big pig line aligner rig, Beginners rigs - Where to start if you are beginning carp fishing, Flurocarbon rigs - the ultimate in simplicity. Advantages: The advantage of the Surgeon’s Loop is that is reliable, easy to learn, and some sources claim that it retains a high proportion of the rated line strength. A loop knot is a type of knot that has a fixed 'eye'. “I like over hand loop knots, I like figure of 8 knots, but which is better ? Lois. Note that it is just a loop that has had an overhand knot tied in it. Used as the beginning or part of other knots (e.g. #1 The Overhand Safety Knot. It has many uses such as to fasten a mooring line to a ring or a post. Lubricate and pull the knot tight. i’ve tested on 15lbs line and every time so far the line has gone before either of the knots when using an double overhand and a fig 8 is it just me thats getting this result or have you found the same? Whether it is to create a loop on the hair or in your mainline to create a loop for your leadcore we tie a lot of loops. If you look to the bottom of this page you will see a comments box. I will reply to all the comments posted and I welcome your input. However, this provides minimal additional benefit and makes the knot bulkier. Alternative: An extra turn can be used to create a Triple Surgeon’s Knot. Your email address will not be published. Helps to keep threads grouped while making a braid. I have then taken each piece of nylon and have used 2 knot tensioners through  the loops and have pulled for a break. The overhand safety knot is used to create a secure end to a line that will stop fraying or any other potential damage. do you have another opinion ? Also if you would like to see articles on other knots or other topics let me know and I will do my best to create them. On examining the breaks you could see that when the overhand loop knot broke it always broke either as the knot slipped or exactly at the knot.


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