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The NDURO line by Haibike is completely rad. Your personal information will be processed according to our. Also please visit. But the torque-sensing motor will help your child keep up with the family on a mountain or road trip. Our dealers will service your new Haibike, fulfill any special requests, and support any technical problems. Bosch also has its electric mountain bike fans. All of the Haibike motors are mid-drive power systems, which puts the weight low and center, ideal for high-performance off-road racing. The FullSeven is the ideal trail rider, with a comfortable rake on your front-end, and suspension on your front and back-end. XDURO FullSeven Carbon 10.0 | 2018 Enduro is one of our favorite style of racing, with downhill portions that aren’t time, and cross-country section. While some dealers sell Haibikes online, if you go this route, we strongly recommend you make sure the dealer professionally assembles your Haibike and offers long-term support for service and technical questions. Structurally similar to Haibike’s off-road e bikes, the Cross series provides the reliability to focus on having a fun bicycle ride. We love the new PWX motor on the Yamaha. And the Haibike XDURO AllMtn line of e bikes for 2018 is amazing. Combining the light frame you may be used to on a high-performance off-roader, with Haibike’s power-system and top-of-the-line components, these bikes are supernal. If you’re an endurance athlete, you’ll love cross-country style racing. Visit us today or buy your high-torque bicycle online today. And we love the Yamaha motors on these hybrid-style e bikes. Electric bike BLACK FRIDAY sale! Even big bicycle brands like Trek and Specialized haven’t caught up with Haibike when it comes to manufacturing electric-powered bikes. Characterizing features like the motor should be convincingly integrated, but never hidden. High Country E Bikes is a Bosch-certified repair shop of Bosch-power-systems. Check out below, or come visit our store in West Jordan to buy a discounted Haibike. In addition, the highly-trained Champion dealers are part of our Haibike Premium Service network and thus provide comprehensive Haibike service. Based in MN, LaMere Cycles is one of the USA's largest Haibike dealers offering. They are award-winning, and Haibike continues to bring out new innovations such as lighter power packs, more integrated and visually appealing motors, and carbon fiber frames. Sign Up for Our Newsletter: Subscribe. We provide our customers with the lowest competitive prices and have sales on older models! Once you step onto a Haibike you won’t want to get off. Haibike has attracted many professional riders such as Sam Pilgram and celebrities likes Arnold Schwarzenegger, because of their attention to detail to performance. Haibike still produces pedal-only bikes, which it sells in several countries, but the ePerformance bikes are the most widely known in Europe and the USA. Monster traction gives you the confidence to explore anything you like. We'll match and beat any price you find. High Country E Bikes has the biggest selection of this exceptional brand in the state of Utah. Haibike offers two power-system options for its customers–Yamaha and Bosch, which you can find at High Country E Bikes. If you ride longer than 30 miles with most power systems you run the risk of running out of electricity. For 2018, Haibike introduced a new model their mountain bike lineup–the ultra-versatile 150mm FullSeven LT (Long Travel) model which gives riders the ability to safely and comfortably tackle more terrain than ever. Based in MN, LaMere Cycles is one of the USA's largest Haibike dealers offering free shipping anywhere in the USA. Call us to confirm that we have the model and brand you’re looking for and schedule a time to visit. Check it out. Haibike’s motors always have torque-sensors, which provide incredibly intuitive-performance on mountain rides. We are the largest Haibike dealer in the USA period!!!! Haibike, a German-manufacturer, has been pioneering electric bicycles since the 90s.


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