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And in a blink-or-you-miss-it exchange, we are reminded of the much-criticised relationship between the churches and the state during the Third Reich. So young But I do think this much is clear: the intent of Rammstein and Berlin was to express a love/hate relationship with Germany.

Watch drummer Christoph Schneider kick out the jams.

You could argue that they didn’t need to use such provocative imagery, but you can’t argue that they failed to make their point. Receive news and offers from our other brands? Roman soldiers creep through the woods in the aftermath of the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest. They wear the cloth emblems used to identify their ‘crimes’: a pink triangle for homosexual prisoners, a yellow star for Jewish prisoners, a red and yellow star for Jewish political prisoners. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

Love a good trip to the KFC.

We got an Oxford University professor to explain it all. Advertising You will receive a verification email shortly. Next, astronauts appear carrying a metal and glass box shaped like a coffin. It took off in Frankfurt for its – unfortunately – final flight, eventually marking the end of the Zeppelin era due to a loss of public confidence in the airship industry. Was it just a visual decision (she certainly stands out in the crowd of white dudes)? So, we asked Dr Alexandra Lloyd, lecturer in German at the University of Oxford, to explain what the fuck is going on during the video's nine minutes. It doesn’t matter which era you look at, there’s a red beam somewhere, and it’s got to mean something. Have Rammstein the right to do this? What in the Mother of F*CK Did I Just Watch??? It culminated in more than a full day of rioting, with police even having to withdraw in East Kreuzberg for 36 hours before staging a counterattack.

What would Rammstein be without a shitload of controversy? My love I cannot give to you Do they trivialise the suffering of Holocaust victims?


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Video: Trivium’s Matt Heafy Watches Fan YouTube Covers! LZ129 Hindenburg was a German airship which crashed in 1937 in New Jersey, resulting in 36 deaths and 62 survivors. It also turns several of these moments on their ear, such as this bit where the concentration camp victims appear to have gained the upper hand over their oppressors: As you may have noticed, the video also includes a black woman who is a Nazi officer.

Each scene captures in a moment the icons of an era, and the video cuts between them more and more frenetically as it goes on.


The Holocaust scene is just one of several throughout the video that draws from less-than-proud moments in German history: the German Crusade, the Great Plague, the Hindenburg disaster, the sometimes violent student protest movement of the 1960s, Baader-Meinhof, the Berlin wall, and so on and so forth. Definitely not the band they are today, it seems.

"Deutschland" (German for "Germany") is a song by German Neue Deutsche Härte band Rammstein. At over nine minutes, it gives us a panorama of events and historical and mythical figures, and there are so many references and Easter eggs that fans and commentators will be poring over it for some time to come. The contextless clip quickly spread like wildfire, instilling fear and anger into right-leaning media who spoke out against the band with little hesitation. advertising) should be sent to info@allthingsloud.com, Any inquiries into live review opportunities and questions should be sent to reviews@allthingsloud.com, Any questions for the people behind All Things Loud should be sent to jack@allthingsloud.com. What’s interesting here is that an ‘old’ prison fight scene features modern day riot police. The name of the song, “Deutschland,” is, of course, also the name of Rammstein’s homeland. Interviews Germany

Get social and follow us on the following networks: Home One wears the Star of David, with a homosexuality badge worn by another band member. Want to love you, want to damn you, Germany Sign up to receive the latest news, rumors and updates from Metal Sucks, We discuss the band's new album, 'Moment,' an update on…, Follow us online for more news, rumors and updates from Metal Sucks. Also includes Lamb of God, Fear Factory, Atreyu, and more. Nazis burn books, intercut with religious fanatics burning witches. (Metal Hammer) 18 May 2020, Rammstein's Deutschland single and its accompanying video is jaw-dropping in its size and scale – but what exactly is it all about? The beatings include what’s very clearly a red baton, another potential dig at communism. Various symbols appear with her, among them a breastplate with an eagle, a black, red, and gold flag, and a crown. Was it meant as a representation of Mankind’s origins in what we now know as the continent of Africa despite whatever other racial identity we might hold? Your breath is cold The band members’ heads are shown as white marble busts, taking us to the 19th century Walhalla memorial in Bavaria, built as German Hall of Fame, its sculpted heads of German worthies on display to this day. And yet so old Instead, we jump into the future, where the space-suited band take Germania into the unknown, travelling in that coffin-shaped glass box.

The initial thirty second teaser clip only formed out part of the end credits in Deutschland’s video, and it’s one of the least shocking things you’ll witness over the course of the single’s ten minute run length.

Louder is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. It could also refer to the Rostock-Lichtenhagen riots, though.
Sign up below to get the latest from Metal Hammer, plus exclusive special offers, direct to your inbox! Or was it simply meant to be provocative? Inside Nothing But Thieves’ Darkest Album to Date, BEABADOOBEE: “I thought my hair was going to be blue until the day I died”, LISTEN: AC/DC Mark Powerful Comeback on Shot in the Dark, King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard Drop Demo Album, Release New Live Album. There are also red beams visible throughout the entire video, which may hint at communism as an overarching concept.

Photography Germany. For a band like Rammstein, who had always positioned themselves as being miles ahead of the curve, coming back with something big was important.

Any questions and remarks (incl. In the background we see a U-boat – a German submarine, used in World Wars I and II. When Rammstein unveiled Deutschland, along with its jaw-dropping video, it was the mark of a band reasserting their territory. A reference to the modern day re-emergence of far-out political ideologies distancing themselves from the past, perhaps?

Visit our corporate site. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? Was it meant as a hedge to offset the very complaints the video has elicited?

We have over 25 pages of Rammstein, including interviews with their producer, collaborators, tourmates and many other people that have been on the frontlines for one of metal’s most insane stories.

I don’t know. Live Before Deutschland, Rammstein hadn't released any new material in 10 years. There’s no affection, and perhaps not much hope: its pessimistic tone seems to be quite an off-brand message for post-1989 Germany, which wants to acknowledge its past critically, while also looking to its future as a state at the heart of Europe.

A see-through compartment featuring BDSM-clad victims representative of the hell feared by clerics above the table. Look out for these in the video – they come up again and again – and the colours of the contemporary flag are there in every scene.

Commey gives birth to a wolf at one point, surrounded by the band dressed in obscure white gowns. Please refresh the page and try again. On several occasions, the clip cuts to her face just as the band shouts “DEUTSCHLAND!”, punctuating this concept.

Quite a few of the tableaux might be similar – Romans, Crusaders, monks, 18th-century soldiers, collarless shirts and bareknuckle boxing – but would it have the same impact? Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, The world’s biggest and best metal magazine. The video … Watch the official video for the powerhouse track below. What would the equivalent events be? Contact Released as the lead single from their untitled seventh studio album on 28 March 2019, it was their first new music since the song "Mein Land" in 2011..

Events bleed into each other, linked by the presence of the band members and the red laser beam that appears throughout the video, a ‘roter Faden’ (red thread or central theme), connecting each event. How can they justify using Holocaust imagery to promote their new video? It marked a key moment in German air travel, which is likely why the band have chosen its tragic demise as a key introduction to Deutschland, massive explosions and all.

The Middle Ages appear throughout the video in slightly more grim detail, including a gnarly scene where the band – dressed as monks – eat intestines from Commey’s body on a wooden table whilst four rich generals sip from goblets in a cutscene prior. Germania is a strong woman, usually armour-clad and battle-ready. 1 single in Germany after "Pussy" in 2009.It was also a No.


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