reverse osmosis hissing sound = "event16"; What’s that noise in the middle of the night? Hello Linda, and thank you for the question. Thanks, Frank. A little noise is common with air gap faucets. No, a functional reverse osmosis system is not expected to make a noise. When this happens, the system will continue to produce reverse osmosis water until the valve starts to function or the water going to the system is shut off. Some reverse osmosis systems use copper tubing inside of them, very high TDS along with acidic water coming from the system can cause corrosion of the copper which will give the water a metallic taste. This constant flow of water will create a gurgling type noise that can change with the pressure of the water in the system. Air trapped in your plumbing is a common cause for water softeners making a howling type noise, or in some cases, banging noise from the pipes vibrating due to air bubbles going through the pipes. Nope, that noise is actually just that rowdy night owl: your water softener. Then, take a tire pressure gauge again and measure the pressure on the Schrader valve and if the tank is full, you should get between 35 and 40 PSI. s.eVar14 = document.title; When this happens, water from the storage tank that is supposed to be coming out of the system’s faucet for you to drink is being discharged down the drain. If so, you would also notice quickly the water pressure deteriorating. I assume it was filling up the tank?? Who to Call for More Information. I bypassed the flow constrictor to run the system for 2 minutes to fully flush the membrane. Tap the side of the system as if you were knocking on a door and then turn the water on again for a minute or so. If you hear any other noises from the system, particularly a hissing sound, it’s important to call for service, as there could be a leak somewhere in the system. And it can take a few hours to fill a standard-sized storage tank. It's caused by air in the system after installation, and usually subsides in seven to ten days. Simply push the tube in a little bit and hold the small ring around the tube down on the fitting, and then pull the tubing out. Reverse Osmosis (RO) drinking water systems provide high-quality water for worry-free drinking or cooking. If the noise that your hearing is water dribbling down the drain and it never seems to stop, It may be that your systems auto shut-off is not telling the system to stop producing reverse osmosis water which also will stop the wastewater going down the drain. Reverse Osmosis is designed so that "crossflow" water flushes the contaminated concentrate away from the system. It is most likely mounted directly below the sink in drain line between sink drain and "P" trap. Water (solvent) can cross the membrane. We have been in the home approximately two months and yesterday the water line on the washing machine starting vibrating causing it to hit the wall and also the green line of the filter where it takes water into the system. Noises that come from a reverse osmosis system are usually caused by a change in pressure within the system, trapped air bubbles, the vibration of a tube going to or coming out of the system, irregular water flow going into the system, or a miss-aligned drain line.


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