scientists find 33 creatures living in a cave that was sealed off for 5 million years
Where they found 33 exotic creatures that defied explanation, he estimated the cave at 5 million years ago (MYA). Most of the theories of how the cave trapped the creatures and bacteria are unclear. According to scientists, it was the bacteria that got there first. What the cave and its denizen prove is that there might be more exotic environments undiscovered on earth. level 2 Small creatures like worms and shrimp depend on the bacteria for food. The air inside the cave is very different from the outer atmosphere. The year 2020 just keeps getting weirder and weirder. Also read: Mountain Lion Viciously Attacks 6-Year Old Girl in Park, Saved by Man With Hard Punch in Ribs. One example is any body protrusion or extension to sense where they are in utter darkness for millions of years. … Inside there are 33 new kinds of creatures that we have never seen before in the world. According to Dr. Christian Lascu, who unsealed the Movile cave found in Romania. Discover the joys of sharing your life with a pet. A food chain that supports other animals that allows life to thrive and evolve until the cave was opened. It is essentially an archaic ecosystem that contains the elements of the atmosphere when it got sealed off. Home; News. There are many such ecosystems in the world but all of them are deep inside oceans near hydrothermal vents where life survives in extremely hot circumstances. They developed long antennas and long limbs to feel their way around and move in the darkness. The Movile cave in Romania was opened up by Dr Christian Lascu. Creatures may have gotten trapped by accident and survived on instinct, said J. Colin Murrell, a microbiologist from the University of East Anglia. The cave has its own ecosystem which survives on the toxic gases which are trapped inside. Obviously, humans didn’t exist 5 million years ago – we are only 300,000-400,000 year old. However, these conditions not only allowed for incredible life to be formed, but to thrive. Being closed off from the world for so long caused fresh air to become completely nonexistent in the cave, rendering the air inside toxic and oppressively humid. After the deadly Coronavirus, our world has come across something much more mysterious and strange. It was discovered in 1986 a few kilometers from the Black Sea coast after scientists were sweeping the area looking for the best spot to build a geothermal power plant. June 2, 2020. Scientists are currently examining creatures they discovered living inside Movile cave in Romania.The cave has been sealed up for over 5 million years, but just like the quote in Jurassic Park, that didn’t stop life from “finding a way.”. © Copyright 2020 HNGN. Mind-blowing is finding 33 specific animals living in this specific cave not seen in any other habitat. Total 48 species were found in the cave, most of which species resemble spiders, scorpions, centipedes and others. All about pets and animals, info, rescue, tips, health, care, breed, training, breeders, adoption, grooming, pictures and more. Another is how light becomes a non-factor in an alien-like environment, which is the Movile cave. Movile cave is only one such ecosystem that exists on land. Dinosaurs? Deep below the surface of Romania’s Constanta County lies Movile Cave, which remained cut off from the outside world for 5.5 million years.


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