slipstream revelation specs
/* Horizontal-1 */ Item specifics . This aircraft is not a marginal performer with this engine. The VIP cabin on the bridge deck has some of the best views on board, with natural light spilling from a sliding glass door leading onto the private balcony. 18 19 20 SLIPSTREAM's vast sun deck was designed with every comfort in mind; giant sun pads sit both forward and aft, a glass windbreak fits around the jacuzzi, and an open-air shower and glass-topped bar complete the six-star experience. Structurally identical to the Genesis, but with a simplified semi-enclosed cockpit - Clifton Flyin. Click here for more information! Specifications (Revelation) Data from Cliche and SlipStream. An eye-catching black hull and silver superstructure offers a hint at this superyacht's striking interior. Sorry, SLIPSTREAM isn't available for those dates. We do all the welding, fabrication, and most of the drilling at the factory. this airframe has been tested over and over again with all Rotax engines. var X_months = new Array('January','February','March','April','May','June','July','August','September','October','November','December'); New 2000 Slip stream industries Revelation w Encloseure, air craft wankel rotary engine 75hp fuel. var X_date = ((X_now.getDate()<10) ? We simplified the building and had Dacron sails made for the wing and tail section.