subaru flex fuel kit
None Our latest kits support 2012-2019 BRZ/FRS/GT86 ! As I plan on upgrading to a V3 ( again :-( ) if my year is covered…. 1250 Activity Drive, Suite A As you may know, E85 is a common fuel used by tuners and gearheads to get more power out of their cars. The key component enabling flexible fuel usage is an ethanol content sensor. Will this kit allow me to run a blend of e85 and 91 to assist with starting in the cold? The compact fitment offers easy installation into many modern fuel pump modules where standard sized pumps (such as DW100, DW200, and DW300) cannot be fitted. Subaru WRX Flex Fuel + Fuel Upgrade Package. With DIT Flex Fuel nearing completion, we will be digging into the GD ECUs and will hopefully be able to get an accurate scope on the work required to add these features for the older cars. Is the FF hardware kit for the ’07 STi going to be identical to the 08-16 STi kit since the TGV plugs are the same? If you have an account, sign in with your email address. The pump also features an encapsulated armature for compatability with ethanol based fuels. So a common trend is to install upgrades that allow for the use of E85 fuel types. Those comfortable with mild risk can run ~E30 and enjoy improved knock resistance, charge air cooling, and a mild improvement in engine power potential. If you yearn for performance, but also need to use your Subaru WRX as a daily driver, you might want to consider flex fuel options. More Information . Yes ($650.00) More on that next week. M ($20.00) The initial release will not, however we are already working on compatibility for the 2015+ WRX so it will follow shortly behind! I still have the version that came out prior to the new version. Our FlexFuel system determines the content ratio between gasoline and ethanol content in the fuel. Emissions Notice to Customers in California. 0 of 0 people found the following answer helpful. Hey Sarah, a Protuner should be able to adapt an E85 and 93 Protune into a Flex Fuel tune without much effort. - Delicious Tuning FlexFuel Ethanol Content Analyzer with Integrated BlueTooth OK, so can we get a list of the WRX/STi years that WILL be covered in the January release? I will certainly pass it on to the Subaru Expert Group so they are aware of the demand. XL ($20.00) Specifications: : 2017+ compatibility New JDM fuel line adapter with OEM style barb lock Improved USDM 180 degree fitting What’s included with the kit: Zeitronix ECA-2 (Ethanol Content Analyzer) Fa The Cobb FA20DIT Flex Fuel Ethanol Sensor kit is a must if you are planning on running an E85 blend in your WRX. Contact us to ensure you're getting the right part for your car at the absolute best pricing on earth! Please be aware requires that you have JavaScript enabled and that your browser accepts cookies. 90s Rap. For most people, those injectors should provide plenty of overhead. A90 / A91 Supra Flex Fuel Kit. This feature will be applicable to the V3 Accessport only. This does not cover normal wear and tear. It is! Long story short, while the power potential is very attractive, use of high ethanol content fuel is at your own risk. I have been waiting so long for this! Any update for the GD platform flex fuel. Ergo: COBB Flex Fuel! Would love to purchase this flex fuel kit with the FMIC… Thanks for the update. Yes (with “Burble”) ($650.00) Any progress on the 2015 wrx when can we get it. All MAPerformance in-house fabricated parts include a Limited Lifetime Warranty for the Original Purchaser. Several Flex Fuel packages will be available to compliment your existing modifications or to take a completely stock car the full distance. This flex fuel kit enables user to convert their vehicle to a flex fuel configuration. That said, we are going to be spending some time in the near future working on some improvements and new features for those users. I and many other people (as seen on the thread) believe that is a huge mistake. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you have any questions, feel like you received this message in error or would like suggestions on other brands please contact us here. Marcus E. @ RallySport Direct 2 years ago I have an 05 sti, and I’m interested in something with this kind of flexibility. -Cobb Flex Fuel Kit Write Your Own Review. The Flex Fuel Ethanol Sensor Kit is a requirement for converting your supported Subaru to a Flex Fuel configuration. No We are doing our best to help with alleviating cold-start issues on E85 however in severe cases it may not be possible. - Blue Lines - Delicious Tune - Wheel Horsepower and Wheel Torque with FlexFuel Tune running 91 Octane, Dyno Charts Displayed (FlexFuel Potential with Delicious Tuning) Free Shipping; $600.00. Unfortunately due to vendor restrictions we are unable to sell this brand within Australia. We plan to support almost all WRX/STi model vehicles. While we do not have a hard date set, we are getting very close to release. I’m running an 2012 wrx with walbro 255 fuel pump, perrin tmic, grimmspeed intake, grimmspeed 3-port bcs, grimmspeed up-pipe, gt-spec header and invidia tbe. Sudden loss of fuel pressure can cause sudden loss of acceleration, stalling, which can reduce braking performance and steering control. NCAA Football. - Subaru Flex Fuel Ethanol Sensor Kit - Subaru Fuel Pressure Sensor Kit - Subaru Fuel Rail LIne Kit to Flex Fuel. If the product fails it would need to be determined by MAPerformance that it is due to manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship. The COBB Flex Fuel kit consists of an ethanol content sensor and analyzer. Billet Aluminum Converter Case We have a TON of information we’ll be pushing out tomorrow. • Weight: 10.1oz (285grams) This kit has turned my wrx into a monster. The Flex Fuel Ethanol Sensor Kit is a requirement for converting your supported Subaru to a Flex Fuel configuration. You could, in theory, use a flex fuel setup on an otherwise stock car. We are definitely still planning to release the FMIC kits! We initially had some difficulties in sourcing cores that met COBB standards but have recently found a company able to produce what we were looking for. Our goal is to offer an Off The Shelf Map for that setup. COBB Flex Fuel will be available in January 2016! Yes (with “Burble” and E-Tuning) ($975.00) Unfortunately we are not able to ship this item outside of the United States. We are anyone’s ultimate destination for getting just about everything you need to make your ride yours. From $ 595.00 Sentra SR Turbo Tuning Kit. The COBB Flex Fuel kit consists of an ethanol content sensor and analyzer. More Information; Color: Black: Manufacturer: Cobb Tuning: Stock Status: In Stock: Price: $2,475.00: Product Reviews . Product is backordered. If you continue you consent to our privacy policy & use of cookies.Accept. You must create a support ticket to acquire your return authorization number prior to returning the product. Vista, CA 92081 I already have a Zeitronix ethanol sensor & guage wired up to my vehicle. Utilized by COBB Flex Fuel Tables, Retains All Factory Compensations • Inlet Fitting: 7.7mm ID, 11.0mm OD Would the ots map be able to be used with these mods? Warranty claims will not be honored if the product was not purchased through an approved dealer. We would jump all up on that flexfuel deal if you just gave us a chance, so what i’m trying to say is, GIVE US THE GOODS! • Max Voltage Input: 18 volts Flex Fuel OTS maps will be available for Stage 3 ONLY starting 1/2016 or 2/2016. We would recommend 1000cc Injectors at a minimum. A complete plug and play flex fuel kit for the Subaru BRZ, Scion FR-S, and Toyota 86 platform. If the problem persists, contact Atlassian Support or your space admin with the following details so they can locate and troubleshoot the issue:. For best power results, 50%-65% ethanol is ideal. Unfortunately due to vendor restrictions we are unable to sell this brand within your country. Hoping to have some significant updates for everyone in the next month or so. .hide-if-no-js { Is it next week yet? Absolutely! #1. - Delicious Tuning Plug and Play Harness Give us a call at: 1-800-230-3030. As part of our site security measures, you may occasionally receive a captcha which helps us make sure there is no automated robot activity on the site. Look no further! A WRX flex fuel upgrade kit will balance the tune based on the amount of Ethanol detected in the fuel entering the engine. By installing a Subaru WRX flex fuel upgrade kit, you are able to use both pump gas and E85. If you have any questions please contact us at: 1-888-627-3736 or Email Us Here. Will just one protune be required? - 2014 Scion Tuner Challenge Winner runs the Delicious Tuning Flex Fuel Module Package. Unlike other systems currently available, our implementation will not come at the cost of other features. The Flex Fuel Ethanol Sensor Kit is a requirement for converting your supported Subaru to a Flex Fuel configuration. I am checking on the 2015+ WRX kit. Will this work with stock injectors and fuel pump?? • Current Draw (40 psi): 12 amps (13.5v), Your email address will not be published. Please select We are making great progress on the DIT WRX Flex Fuel release. - Michele Abbate's Race Car runs the Delicious Tuning's Flex Fuel Package to get the most out of her vehicle to compete at the level needed for racing in the professional USTCC series. Is the dynamic compensation of ethanol fuel feature from the accessport compatible with this unit? The Subaru Fuel System Package + Flex Fuel Includes: Fuel Rails, Fuel Rail Line Kit, Fuel Rail Line Kit to Flex Fuel, Fuel Pressure Regulator for Fuel Rail Kit, Flex Fuel Ethanol Sensor Kit, Fuel Pressure Sensor Kit, Top Feed 1050x Fuel Injectors, and the AEM High Flow Fuel Pump. That would depend on your power goals. I have heard rumors that there will not be or will be limited support for Subaru Legacy GT’s and I wanted to comment to voice my concerns about what i’d consider an oversight. We use cookies to offer a better browsing experience, analyze site traffic, personalize content, and serve targeted advertisements. We are definitely closer than we were 2 years ago! A complete plug and play solution enabling users to convert their supported Subaru WRX to a Flex Fuel configuration without losing factory compensations. These factors combined make for a fuel solution with more power potential over the standard gasoline you find at the pump. Currently tracking to release around the end of April. - Delicious Tuning Hand Assembled and Pressure Tested Fuel Lines options before adding the product to the cart. Although there are vehicles that have this functionality from the manufacturer, unfortunately, very few of them are models that are likely to be found in an enthusiast’s garage. This added resistance allows tuning to be more aggressive through timing and boost, yielding greater horsepower output. Yaaay! 3.) How will this work with existing custom E85/93 pro tunes? With that setup you’re right on the edge of the capabilities of the factory fuel injectors. - Matt Farah's YouTube Review - Subaru BRZ w/ Ethanol & Bolt-Ons - (Snake) One Take.


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