sugar rush movie

A baking competition with 4 teams, 3 rounds, 2 cakes and 1 winner of $10,000. The most stupid and dumb storyline in Nigerian movies history. There are some scenes where a different shot would have been a more preferred option, even so, the cinematography was adequate. After the Sugar Sisters, discover a whopping $800,000, the financial crimes commission and the supposed owners of the money come for them. Kudos! No doubts, this was necessary for Anikulapo, what about the actors who are “mere mortals”? Nollywood Reinvented rated the movie a 51%[6] citing that the movie is "that new nollywood formula at its most potent: high tech gadgets plus famous celebrities plus comedy equals blockbuster". These three actresses have proven to be exceptional in their previous projects and they did a great job with their performance in Sugar Rush. Taglines | And even though, the movie was already flawed from its story, it was a good effort.

Sugar rush is riddled with plot holes. Adesua Etomi who portrayed Suzie Sugar, the eldest of the Sugar sisters, is a naturally good actor.

It can only get better!
Listen to free music and earn … Starring: Adesua Etomi, Bisola Aiyeola, Bimbo Ademoye. A former drug smuggler and a confidence artist gets more than she bargains for when she is hired by a down on his luck businessman to assist with his scheme to marry a wealthy heiress. After discovering a huge sum of money, a trio of sisters swipes it for personal use until the authorities and a shady mob boss come to collect the cash. Luckily the sugar sisters and EFCC officials were able to escape with the money. Not only did it start well, but the series of comedic events in the story are also quite entertaining. The Adesua Etomi (King of Boys), Bisola Aiyeola and Abimbola Ademoye trio was a really great choice. Now to save themselves, they team up with unlikely allies and it's a race against the clock to set things right.

It praises the performances by Bimbo Ademoye and the directing from Kayode Kasum but concludes saying "Sugar Rush is best described as visually exciting mindless fun".
It's a spin-off of the 2012 computer-animated Disney film Wreck-It Ralph and its 2018 sequel to the first film, making the only racers from the game to appear in this film (not counting Ralph, Felix and Calhoun). Peripherally, this movie is a … Trigger-happy Policeman Shoots At Nollywood Crew!!! Gina, the head of the mafias sent her men to abduct the Sugar sisters and coerce them to stealing more money from "The White Lion", Anikulapo, a notorious man known for having most of Nigeria's asset.

Gina lost her life in the process. Things got heated up and there was a shoot out. It appeared as though the actors were shooting at elastic materials. 2019 TV-14 2h 2m Nollywood Movies. The sounds complemented the happening events whether it was an action scene or just a funny scene. Luckily the Sugar sisters and their mother left their house and traveled out of the country. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Title:

Rumoured to have been banned for its bad portrayal of the Nigerian law enforcement agency, the movie soon returned to the cinemas due to the filmmakers’ efforts and the great advocacy for its return by the audience.

Sugar rush was written by Bunmi Ajakaiye – well known for being one of the writers and directors of the beloved Skinny Girl In Transit – and directed by Kayode Kasum. [2][3] Despite the mixed reviews, the film became a box office success and became the fourth highest grossing Nigerian film of all time.[4]. In fact, these girls are saddled with more issues in their not-so-fairy-tale relationships. The Sugar Sisters discover a whopping $800,000, the financial crimes commission and the supposed owners of the money come for them. Find the best place to Sugar Rush movie songs download list.


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