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From PBS KIDS - Whyatt gets to pick one toy from the Toy Store but there are just too many choices! When she turns to Wonder Red in her superhero form, her clothing becomes a blue armless and legless two-piece jumpsuit with red trim amid showing her midriff, her skates are turned blue and her special item is a red and blue basket. The reading heroes tumble down the rabbit hole in a madcap adventure to catch up with a famous white rabbit who is also tardy! Boo! Margaret's First Chime Time/Tiger Family Fun, The Boy Who Cried Comet/Arthur and Los Vecinos, Princess Triana & the Ogre of Castlebum/Heat Wave, Crime Wave, Cleaner of the Kelp/How Bubbles Got Her Moves Back, Bugs to the Rescue/Sheep's First Bike Ride, The Mega Mall Problem/The Cleopatra Problem, The March of the Sea Turtles/A Squirrely Situation, Spring Hunter 3000/The Case of the Missing Moon, Arthur Babysits/Arthur's Cousin Catastrophe, Where's the Firedog?/Toot Toot Tootsie Goodbye, Monkey Hoedown/Curious George Clowns Around, I am Theodore Roosevelt/I am Eleanor Roosevelt, The Meaty Dimension/The Case of the Copied Mrs. Botsford, The Perfect Ten Problem/The Long Line Problem, Birds of a Feather/The Incredible Shrinking Duck, Pteranodon Family World Tour/Gilbert the Junior Conductor, Flight of the Penguin/Let's Go Fly a Kite, Find What Makes Your Family Special/Family Day, George's Lawn Service/Curious Goes on a Scavenger Hunt, Don't Mess with the Best/Peanut Butter Battles. His eyes are bright blue. Muddled Up Fairytales: When everybody else is too busy for him, Whyatt has no clue what to do by himself. Whyatt will begin the show by greeting the viewers when he suddenly gets a call from someone who needs help. In the syndicated version, Whyatt wore a green v-neck t-shirt and black shorts. Whyatt will do whatever he can to encourage them or make them feel better, being very empathetic to others feelings. Super Why takes place in the land of Storybrook Village, a place where all Fairytale characters reside together in a loving, peaceful community. In the process, everyone learns a lesson about giving encouragement. The Super Readers waltz into the story of the Twelve Dancing Princesses - who are acting just as secretive. Jack appears in some episodes but generally is "away at college." Super Why takes an innovative approach to learning by promoting reading as a powerful, meaningful experience for children aged 3 to 6 years old. Littlest Pig is ready for an adventure but his brothers tell him he's too young. Whyatt looks up to his brother and cares for him dearly. "Hi," he says, "so glad you're here. Will the Super Readers be able to help the Princess and the Frog kiss and make up? Using their super powers, these Super Readers fly inside books. The superhero readers visit the tale of The Three Little Pigs, hoping to find out a little bit about building from the young Poppa Pig. Whenever Jack gets angry or upset with him, it hurts Whyatt a lot. With curriculum guidelines established by the National Reading Panel, Super Why! Littlest Pig is very embarrassed. This is a really big problem and he's not sure how to fix it. King Eddie Who Loved Spaghetti: Whyatt learns that the food on his plate is unhealthy. He wears a green leotard/body suit with blue coloring between his elbows to wrist and underneath his gold belt. Pig is too big for his bed and his sneakers are pinching his feet - what is going on? Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Normally Whyatt wears a dark blue polo shirt with white markings and green sleeves, along with khaki jeans/pants, and tennis shoes. His super reader form is Alpha Pig. The Super Readers wonder if anyone can make those rude Billy Goats Gruff behave, and Red figures out what Gramma needs to hear. Super Why can also use it to highlight the words he is going to read. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. As the Super Readers help Tiddalick and his dry friends, they learn how important water is to the planet along with a valuable lesson about conservation. The character with the problem then stands behind a small lectern made of dominos and explains their situation. To extend the Super Why literacy content and approach beyond television to surround children with literacy learning opportunities in all aspects of their lives. Joy Beanstalk: Whyatt's adorable and pretty baby sister who often cries or becomes saddened. Near the end of the episode he managed to figure out how he could make them believe him. Would the friends be better-off if they switched places? Or will the two friends be left out in the cold? He focuses on the alphabet. They need to figure out how to make a decision and help the impulsive farmer before he wastes all his chances on foolish things. Though when it's his own problems he may take need a few minutes to determine how to fix it exactly but he can quickly tell when he messed up. Princess Pea wants to do ballet, and Spider wants to spin webs, so how will these two friends play together? At the beach, Whyatt wears a blue, powder blue, and white shirt with a green pair of swim trunks with yellow and blue lining around the top and a white string. is known as. It has bright green lining and markings and a yellow underside. The show debuted on PBS stations on September 3, 2007 and went on hiatus on October 11, 2012. Super Why, Wonder Red, Alpha Pig and Princess Presto ask the advice of a boy who understands what animals need because he can talk to them! Whyatt Beanstalk (voiced by: Nicholas Castel Vanderburgh (season 1), Nicholas Kaegi (season 2), Pig (voiced by: Zachary Bloch in (both season 1 & 2), Samuel Faraci in (season 3)) – He is referred to in the credits as "The Littlest Pig," he introduces himself at the book club as "P is for Pig," but throughout the show, he is simply known as "Pig". Whyatt lives with … So the Super Readers dash into the Australian folk tale of Tiddalick the Frog and make the acquaintance of a funny amphibian whose puddle jumping is using up all the water and leaving his neighbors in the dust - literally! Littlest Pig is on a picnic and he is starving! Just slightly does Whyatt's voice change while he is Super Why, but in the syndicated version, his voice doesn't change. The Reading Adventures of Super Why!) Download our app for the best mobile experience. So he then goes on to prove it. All the King's horses and all the King's men may not be able to help Humpty, but the Super Readers can! He wears a green leotard/body suit with blue coloring bet… Using both his reading abilities and his special why-writer, Super Why can always save the day! Problem is, he didn't plan ahead and pack a snack! The Super Letters are put onto the giant computer screen and are spelled out to show the "Super Story Answer." All programs are distributed by PBS unless where noted. In the episode "Jack and the Beanstalk", it is revealed that Whyatt's older brother is Jack, the hero of the English folktale Jack and the Beanstalk. Wiki | Fandom. Super Why! The Super Readers fly into his story and help the boy convince the townspeople there's more to his tale than meets the eye. Whyatt is a young boy with tan skin, dark blue eyes, and short brown hair that seems to be about ear length with his bangs pulled to the sides of his head and a single two-part tuft on the right side of his head, where his hair seems to be parted. He's the leader aka best friend of the Super Readers, a group of storybook children who save the day by solving problems and diving into the storybooks in hopes of creating a happy ending while solving their own problems at the end of every adventure. The Super Readers apply their literacy powers to wake Sleeping Beauty...and wake her...and wake her again! The Super Readers dive into the story The Little Mermaid to talk with someone whose tail sets her apart from kids on land. Jack Beanstalk: The hero from "Jack and the Beanstalk". The Super Readers pay a storybook visit to Peter Rabbit and chase after the mischievous little cottontail bunny, who's on the hunt for some delicious fresh vegetables for his Mama. He is honest with his true feelings and also brave and heroic. The show is set in Storybrook Village, where the title character, Whyatt Beanstalk, lives with his friends Pig, Red, and Princess Pea. Register Start a Wiki. teaches preschoolers key literacy skills, including letter identification, decoding, encoding, spelling, and reading comprehension. Category:Whyatt Eps | Super Why! Super Why! Baby Dino's Big Discovery: Whyatt tries to determine what dinosaur his toy is when he plays with the others. The series is produced by New York City-based Out of the Blue Enterprises and Toronto-based DHX Media through its Decode Entertainment division. Whyatt's name was most likely inspired by his question mark symbol, as well as his name is spelled "WHYatt". Whyatt's family is being very secretive and he has no clue why! When he enters, he says, “P is for pig!”. In the syndicated version, sparkles were added to his costume to match Princess Presto's costume, except for his mask which stays the same. Mr. Beanstalk: Whyatt's father who works with Mrs. Beanstalk. She is a lovely book author who works with her husband. Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Each 22-minute episode features a team of fairytale superheroes who soar into classic storybooks and use their unique reading-based powers to find answers to everyday preschool problems. Stomp! The Cookbook: Whyatt wants to bake Joy a special cake but had no idea how to make one. The Super Readers visit Pinocchio, a boy who also fibbed and whose NOSE is growing, right before his eyes!


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