tcl r635 65
Click to play video . In my comparison THX Game mode did an excellent job of balancing image quality and low input lag. Of course you can reclaim the native contrast of the other TCLs by turning off the Game mode toggle but the trade-off is extreme input lagĀ  -- which was intolerable as I played the game. When a product is discontinued or no longer popular, we sell the purchased products locally in Montreal, Canada. Twitch gamers might notice, but nobody else will. The back of the TCL 6 Series looks a bit different than from the TCL 6 Series/R625 2019. In Off the TV delivers correct 1080p/24 film cadence but in the other settings, Low and higher, it causes the TV to have the buttery smoothness of the soap opera effect. The top half is made from a shiny, glossy plastic that feels solid. I'm a fan of Roku TV, for reasons I've documented extensively in previous reviews. Local dimming, meanwhile, manages to keep black levels dark and overall contrast superb -- although it's not perfect. "Game mode" is actually another confusing setting on the 2020 6-Series. The Hisense has a better local dimming feature, handles reflections much better, has a quicker response time, and has a lower input lag. 4K HDR gaming: For this test I played The Last of Us Part 2 on a PS4 Pro in the TVs' various Game modes: Gaming HDR (aka THX-certified Game Mode) for the 635, Dark HDR/Brighter/"Game mode" toggle on for the other two TCLs and Game mode on the Sony. I tried reducing the brightness setting from Brighter (which I recommend for HDR on this TV in general) to Normal (which put it at roughly the same overall light output as the 2019 TCL) and or Darker (the dimmest option and much dimmer than either one). You can read about it here. Unfortunately, it has narrow viewing angles and there's some dirty screen effect in the center, which may be distracting during sports. It also has decent coverage of the wider Rec. It also has great gaming features like a quick response time and low input lag. In both cases input lag was basically the same. $1,149.00. HDR and 4K video: As usual with bright, contrasty HDR material I saw more differences than with SDR. The 625 looked a bit better (but not great) during this scene, the 8-Series looked significantly better, while the Sony looked the best despite its lighter black levels, showing minimal local dimming effects. Every influencer, tech website, and retail leads you to believe it is a Native 120Hz TV, but that is not quite true. This TV has eARC support, which allows you to send high-quality Dolby Atmos via TrueHD or DTS:X via DTS-HD MA through an HDMI connection.


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