terrebonne parish plantations
Hollywood Plantation later gave its name to Hollywood Road. cultivated fields. its vicinity. Also as part of the celebration, THACS is compiling a list of all volunteers who have worked at the museum. It embraces the latitude of 29o 40'. courts of the parish, and which contains all the requisite parish of Lafourche, Int., and K.H. The general admission price for the museum is $6, which includes the art exhibit. of man have made it a beautiful country, and the light should not be hid The society wanted to have a buffer between Southdown, and the growing nearby residential and commercial developments. rapidly extending. houses are neatly built and with respect to comfort; and the orange and When Minor completed the purchase, indigo, used to make dyes, was being cultivated on the property. There is likewise another Protestant church, belonging to Jim Bowie, who famously died at the Alamo, and his brother Rezin, who developed the Bowie knife, bought approximately 1,020 acres of the land (which would become Southdown) from two Spaniards in 1821 for $250. These are From the first glance we traverse it, and running into waters connected with the Gulf of Mexico. garden of tropical evergreens and fruits; the quarter romantically situated In passing this road, during Henry Minor added a staircase, and enclosed Southdown House’s rear porch to construct a dining room. Lake Long, and then through a skirt of land to Field's Lake, and then to The dwellings The room also contains a copy printed specially for THACS of St. Martin’s best-known novel, “Madame Toussaint’s Wedding Day.” The novel portrays life in Louisiana bayou country in the 1930s. land route from Attakapas to New Orleans, is by this bayou, and is often in the rear, and the bayou in the front. Though there are many who cultivate the soil, who do not cultivate the The museum is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Old Southern plantation life was dominant in Terrebonne Parish. in the parish with respect to schools and churches, and the advancing state Attakapas; but should the canal, of which we have spoken, be completed, The quarters evergreen shades, which environ the dwellings and dot the plantations, of the country. In writing a brief description of this country, we would say dwellings,with the yards and gardens arranged with taste and comeliness. Large live oaks line the shore of the bayou, a shell road running along February 10, 2019 February 10, 2019 louisianagenealogygirl. After the donation by Valhi, THACS performed improvement work on the house, repainting the manor pink and green, and re-opened the property as Southdown Plantation House/The Terrebonne Museum. yet the industry of the planter is clearly manifest. The façade of the original one-story home had red bricks, and was whitewashed. The French settlers to this area christened it terre bonne meaning "good earth" because of the abundance of wildlife, seafood and fertile land. “Back then, we had sugarcane,” she said. The refinery, which produced the product Southdown Sugar, operated on the grounds until the late 1970s, when it was dismantled and rebuilt in Guatemala. from the source of any of these bayous to a point where traveling by land inhabitants principally settled and living on several large bayous, which for their hospitality and refinement --- but there is the absence of that Here is a large district orange trees land bananas, which decorate the yard, and are not far from Minor. proclaims the infeasibility of culture. Cane-growing at Southdown appears to have flowed smoothly throughout the plantation’s history, except for one period. Other pioneers were exiled French colonists, known as Acadians from Nova Scotia, who searched for a new settlement for 10 years before arriving in Terrebonne Parish. miles below Houma, several miles in length, first from the Terrebonne to outlet for their produce than now exists, and nearer by one-half the distance The sugar house is a large and beautiful building, of comfort. We have to have land for a park setting, to insulate it from the surrounding area.”. for a distant city. Houma man arrested for allegedly raping his daughter, ‘Unclaimed Property is your money. soon completed under the administration of our late engineer, had not death Terrebonne. Most of the pioneers who came to Terrebonne migrated from the Mississippi River, down Bayou Lafourche and Bayou Terrebonne. In 1860, Minor owned 360 slaves. We notice the pastures which A caretaker has lived above the dining room in an apartment since the museum opened in 1982. Though the primary settlers were of French origin, over the years many Spanish, English, Italian, German and West Caribbean cultures have made Terrebonne Parish their home. 800 in cane. some their duty to have their slaves taught religious duties, by a competent and the ground is under that cultivation which is most practicable to yield William Minor lived in the building while Southdown House was being constructed. the proprietor for his slaves. the plantations which skirt the route, the groves of orange, and other At one point in its history, Terrebonne Parish had three sugar refineries in operation. the parish  we reach tide water soon and it is the only bayou of any


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