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[3] This was followed by a multiple regression program with a flexible input format and with algebraic transformation of variables, in 1963 to 1964. Design and executed three month consumer market pilot of an in-home entertainment system based on broadband connectivity for Disney and Intel. 1978:181. Facilitated a team of automotive electrical power and signal distribution technical experts to create a vehicle development process and provide system engineering expertise. 1963 National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship at North Carolina State University. The Barr Loader cut typical program testing times by twenty-five percent. [2], Barr's experience with structured data files was gained while working on the Formatted File System, (see below). [5], In 1971, Barr also implemented the HASP workstation for M & M Computer Industries, Orange, California. De toen 53-jarige Barra volgde de topman Dan Akerson (65) op. Led the development of a patented business process for integrated store and online sales of homes and ongoing home services. [13], Barr was employed with IBM Federal Systems Division at the Pentagon, Washington, D.C. from 1964 to 1966. [5], In 1983, Barr developed hardware and software for performing HASP remote job entry communication on the IBM PC. In 1971 and 1972, Barr, along with partner Sandy Mullin designed, patented, and built the first computerized equipment to optimize the usage of lumber in the furniture industry. MS in Physics, North Carolina State University, 1968. [2], Barr was born in New York City and grew up in Summit, New Jersey,[16] where he graduated from Summit High School in 1958. He played for York City when they beat Manchester United 3–0 at Old Trafford in the League Cup in September 1995, scoring the third goal after a brace from Paul Barnes. The system provides essential data used in calculating mortality statistics. Born in Billingham, County Durham, Barras started his career with the Hartlepool United youth system, before signing a professional contract in July 1989. Developed technology architecture, designed organization and selected service providers. A highlight at Notts County was scoring an equaliser in a League Cup tie against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, though County went on to lose 4–2. Tony Barras (an haife shi a shekara ta 1971) shi ne dan wasan ƙwallon ƙafa ta ƙasar Ingila Anyi gyaran ƙarshe na wannan shafi a ranar 2 ga Maris, 2019, da ƙarfe 07:39. Mary Barra Spouse – Anthony E. Barra. 1976:"The SAS Staff". The emulators were developed on the PDP-8 minicomputer and allowed COPE terminals to communicate with the IBM/360 and IBM/370. This page was last edited on 28 September 2020, at 00:42. degree. Created an offering memorandum that resulted in $10M first round funding. Drawing on those programs, along with his experience with structured data files, he created SAS, placing statistical procedures into a formatted file framework. Developed significant change management and business expertise. Designed solutions, selected partners, provided expertise in strategic alliance development, and facilitated meetings to enable technology infrastructure for a completely sustainable community in California. Reference to the creation of SAS by Barr in 1966. ACME in conjunction with other components comprise the Mortality Medical Data System (MMDS). Tony works with clients to collaboratively develop innovative business opportunities enabled by his breadth of industry experience and passion for new technology. Provided technical leadership, created strategic frameworks and analysis for industry and member companies, analyzed emerging technologies and implications, developed research concepts, and led pilots. FFS, a generalized data base management system for retrieval and report writing, was one of the first data management systems to take advantage of defined file structure for data storage and retrieval efficiency. He is a leader who applies his experience in a range of industries combined with deep expertise in technology and business strategies to deliver high value results to organizations facing market challenges created by rapid innovation. Led 50 home pilot of energy management technology by Direct Energy. Recommendations resulted in partnerships with Visteon and Chrysler. Tony’s 25+ years of experience with a broad range of responsibilities in new product and service introduction including market and consumer research, product concept ideation, product portfolio creation and management, project management of pilot and consumer trials, organizational design and integration, operational process development and product launch. Among his notable contributions are the Statistical Analysis System (SAS), automated lumber yield optimization, and the Automated Classification of Medical Entities (ACME).


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