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If I had an hour or two to sit I was creating and drawing ideas. She went to St. Paul’s then on to City College of San Francisco then off to SF State. We had him out, toured around Philly together and it clicked right from the beginning. What would you say to the young Sarah if you could go back in time? And then did news and traffic for several radio stations around the Bay Area before coming back to CBS-and jocking at MOVIN 99.7. What do you tell yourself on days you really don't want to get out there? She is a third generation DJ and always knew broadcasting was for her. Basically if it happened in my life I'll talk about it. My goal is to find something to jump off on. I didn't think she'd be an easy interview but she came in, had a great time, played songs, and was open. So I would shut the hell up for once in my life and say nothing. And because of my hours it's all fallen on him. They’ve only got one more week before they all head out until January AFAIK. Feb 18, 2012 - Our special guest, Uzette from Alice 97.3 Radio! Uzette's Weekend PicksUzette Salazar of the Bay Area's Alice@97.3 Morning Show, picks out this weekend most talked about events to go check out. I’m quitting school and I’m going to be a rock star." What’s next is more of the same. What does it take to prepare for a daily morning show and how do you keep it fresh? We didn't have family here or know a lot of people so this was an important decision that we are there for our kids. We’re very lucky, grateful and blessed. Share review. Because their friends and their parents listen to the show, they have their own mini celebrity at school. Uzette is married to a wonderful man and they have a sweet Chihuahua named Ella. Unfortunately he got drunk and fell off the show (our internal joke.) PHOTO: Hooman Khalili, Sarah Clark, Vinnie Hasson, Uzette Salazar and Bryn Nguyen of the Alice morning team. Did you see those pictures of her butt? Tim Jordan. He knows every girl is going to know who I am and will say aloud, “Oh mom, when you were on the air today with ......” and I'm the one shhhh-ing him. I moved back in with my parents. How did the Sarah & Vinnie Show come together? In my freshman year in high school my parents got me a horse. In addition to co-hosting the wildly popular radio show, The Sarah & Vinnie Show, every weekday morning from 5:30-10am, she has now started a new creative adventure with SlappyStuff which she will be selling at the Holiday Craft Fair at the Mill Valley Community Center on December 6th. I was born in Rhode Island then moved to Massachusetts. Mothers would be there and notice. A podcast of heroic, inspiring, often comedic true-life stories, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). I met, John, my husband of 20 years. It started with a duct tape wallet. Me telling your secrets is how we got all this stuff.”. Stars have done five million interviews and there is nothing you can ask them that's gonna throw them. All time favorite.....Jewel. LISTEN LIVE at work or while you surf. A friendly reminder that daylight saving. As far as a favorite interview - that's hard – recently Bill Bellamy. © 2020 Entercom Communications Corp. All rights reserved. I really love where the show is at right now, our listeners are amazing and have been supportive for 18 years. 16 reviews. In 3rd grade I started having behavior problems. First 50 customers will get a Sally Beauty goodie bag! For over a year I worked for free and paid millions of dollars in parking tickets. Then I come home in the afternoon and take over, we get to dinner then the kids go in for a bath and I'm in bed by 7:30pm. Hooman Khalili, Sarah Clark, Vinnie Hasson, Uzette Salazar and Bryn Nguyen of the Alice morning team. In the past, Uzette has also been known as Uzette R Salazar. I don’t see them in the morning. I caught up with Sarah to talk about her life, being the Bay Area’s #1 radio DJ and a busy mom. 24/7 for FREE on RADIO.COM. I’m proud of a lot of it...and a lot of stuff I’m not. I always tell my kids don't “peek” or feel the need to overdo it in high school because for those kids that do, that's it for them and they miss being a kid. Uzette Salazar grew up in the neighborhood of Noe Valley in San Francisco. I do remember Charles fondly and I did learn a lot from him but I remember him making me cry in front of the staff and I thought I’m never going to do that to anyone; that's humiliating. It sucks getting up at 4am and I grumble. At Christmas time we get together with a large group and go to Tahoe with the kids. My favorite part is, I have my family and love my family, but I also have this other family that I have four to five intense hours with five days a week. Uzette Salazar. 0 friends. Korst & Company is a woman veteran owned company that develops websites and digital content for small businesses and nonprofits. He had been DJing up in OR but came back years ago. Does anybody know what happened? That's a hard question. A day before they host the Packer, Ever wonder how hundreds of thousands of vote by m, ELECTION DAY 2020 Haven’t listened yet. 49ers’ George Kittle has re, ELECTION 2020 My favorite guests sometimes are just people because you can really mess with someone who doesn't interview a lot and find out some cool stuff. Hi! Based in... Uzette loves her Ella, and may even kiss her more often than Jonny V! And he'd say 'What are you talking about?” and they'd say, "Sarah just said it." He does still come back for movie reviews and my understanding is that he will be back full time eventually but I don’t believe they’ve said when that might happen. And when I drive to work and I go through the tunnel, see the city and I say, "I'm coming to get you San Francisco!" I've been horse crazy from the get-go and spent the first 12 years of my life trying to convince my parents that I had to have a horse. I founded Korst & Company. It can even be something to talk about on the radio and next thing you know you can vent on air and have a great time. Then a month or two ago he had emergency gall bladder surgery, which is now suspected to have been the source of his back issues. He’s supposed to be slowly increasing his time back. He went to rehab and pulled his life together. We are never not working, just like Greg and Jimmy are never not funny. On a mission to help women find their joy... Jay Pharoah makes the Alice Morning Show laugh ENTIRELY too hard! Fans of the morning show on Alice … You’re going to hang out with your other family right now." Is he gone for good? This was such a weird and unique situation to get an advanced warning. You’ve the best job. Uzette finally made her way back home and co-hosted with Don Bleu on Star 101.3. November 4th, 2020 8am Alice News Network, November 4th, 2020 8am Alice Celebrity Trash, November 4th, 2020 7am Alice News Network, November 4th, 2020 7am Alice Celebrity Trash, November 4th, 2020 6am Alice News Network. When the kids were really little and going to bed early we'd have a couple of minutes together but now my kids are a 10th and an 8th grader. I hope in life, and I feel this way with my real family, you have to really appreciate where you are for that moment. I get up at 4am and I'm out the door by 4:45am. Required fields are marked *. As matriarch of the family I can say we’re going to Holland and no dessert for you unless you agree. Listeners used to call in but now people have a moment to craft something really funny and text it to us. So weird how this radio station works. Did Sarah or Vinnie address it? It's been great for him because he's really close with our sons and also hard because it's difficult being the primary caregiver. Alice 105.9 with BJ and Jamie and Slacker and Steve. Doesn’t he go on trips or out of the country this time of year for the holidays? Alice@97.3 plays your favorite Generation Alice music and wakes you up with Sarah and Vinnie. I got into a bit of trouble in the band because with bands comes a lot of partying which I was really good at. We have the luxury of being able to make this work. I can't say I've never yelled at anyone but I certainly appreciate interns especially since I was one for a long time. So you have to appreciate the day you’re in and the good things about it that you’re experiencing that moment. Funny 4. We thought even if it was a stretch we wanted someone home. Let’s face it, people really don't care about Kim Kardashian or need our opinion on it. He says I lie a lot – which I don't, I only tell the truth. The area we lived in was more rural when I was young. If I want to talk about them I'll usually say “Oh my friends kid....” I try not to tell embarrassing stories or reference them now. ©2020 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. I envision us being in our 80's and still doing it. She also mentioned wanting the key back from him, so I think he left the show, … I have a show to do – I can’t go in and be whiny and quiet. This brand has been voted 'Best Dispensary in Santa Cruz' for the past 5 years and continues to showcase its innovation through highly interactive store locations. I made a lot of dumb mistakes but what I really got right was marrying John and everything since then has been right. I dug it out, picked out a few things from Joanne's Fabrics, and I created clutches. That's out of sheer boredom and a life long artistic streak. But a regular person sits down and you start digging at them and we’re all insane inside or have some crazy secret we're ashamed of but turns out everyone does. Regarding work, more of the same. What's your favorite part of working on the show? I attended Johnson & Wales in Providence, Rhode Island and studied Equine Business Management…..and I also discovered partying. John stopped listening a long time ago. Pink was awesome, open and ready to perform, Matt Damon was awesome even though I was super star struck. Meet up with Uzette from 11a-1p this Saturday (1/19) at the Sally Beauty in Redwood City at 2535 El Camino Real. All rights reserved. Copyright © 2004–2020 Yelp Inc. Yelp, , and related marks are registered trademarks of Yelp. Before working with Sarah & Vinnie at Alice – KLLC (the first time), she worked at KCBS Radio and KGO-TV.


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