wyoming antelope regulations
Wyoming's license draw for antelope and deer tags has been 100% for more than 5 years. No person other than archers and crossbow hunters hunting during a special archery season or limited quota archery only season shall hunt any big or trophy game animal without wearing in a visible manner one (1) or more exterior garments that shall include a hat, shirt, jacket, coat, vest, or sweater of a fluorescent orange color. • Use any dog to hunt, run or harass any big or trophy game animal, protected animal or furbearing animal except as otherwise provided by statute. Total Area. Exceptions are waters where fishing preserve permits, special limited fishing permits, or landowner fishing regulations apply. Bow and arrow or crossbow are permissible equipment to take game animals. Purchase a License. }. Everything from Blaze Orange to Guides, Archery, Baiting, Automatic Weapons, ATV Motorized vehicles and more. On National Forest means lands administered by the U.S. Forest Service. Access Information. Persons holding the following licenses are exempt from the requirement to purchase a conservation stamp while exercising hunting or fishing privileges under ANY Wyoming license. Drainage means all lands within the watershed of a named river or stream, including all tributaries and standing waters, which drain into that river or stream. Every hunter, angler, or trapper of furbearing animals shall stop and report at every check station on route to or from the hunting, fishing or trapping area regardless if the person has wildlife in possession. Your email address will not be published. The Wyoming Legislature created the Wyoming Animal Damage Management Board to manage rabid wildlife, mitigate damage caused to livestock, wildlife and crops by predatory animals, predacious birds and depredating animals, and protect human health and safety. The cutting edges must be no less than 1 inch in width. Fishing licenses are required – for resident and nonresident anglers 14 years or older. All hunters seeking to harvest trophy game are required to display fluorescent hunter orange in the form of a shirt; hat; jacket; sweater; or vest so that it is visible to other hunters. Any legally blind person, person confined to a wheelchair or any person hunting with a license issued pursuant to W. S. §23-1-705 (j) may place a bait for big game or take a big game animal by the use of bait. • Archery equipment regulations are similar to previous regulations, but language has been removed requiring bows to be able to cast different grain weights of arrows a minimum of 160 yards. A lifetime conservation stamp may be purchased by applying to the Cheyenne Headquarters Office, License Section. No license, permit, stamp, tag or coupon shall be transferred, or used for the purpose of taking wildlife except by the individual to whom it was issued and therein named and while in that individual's possession. Persons who hold the following licenses are exempt from the requirement to purchase a conservation stamp while exercising hunting or fishing privileges under THESE licenses: daily hunting or fishing license; special limited fishing permit holders; or Wyoming fifty (50%) percent disabled veteran fishing license. © 2012-2020 DIY Hunting Maps LLC. The Department may require substantive proof from any person who fails to retrieve from the site of kill all edible portions of a big game animal as to why the edible portions were not removed from the field. To date, we’ve never had a rifle antelope hunter go home empty handed. You should consult current WGFD regulations before making your final application decisions. Crossbow bolts must be at least sixteen (16) inches long. if ( notice ) After the initial drawing is completed, any person may apply for and receive up to two (2) full price antelope licenses. After the initial drawing period is completed, any person may receive up to two (2) reduced price cow/calf elk licenses. (b) In hunt areas where the taking of any big game animal is restricted to a specific sex of animal by regulation, either the visible external sex organs, head or antlers shall accompany the animal as a whole, or edible portion thereof. Thanks Jim for the heads up, will look into it in a few days and update the article if necessary. Hunters are not required to obtain special archery permits for harvesting small game or game birds with crossbows. Required fields are marked *, Are you human? Bow and Arrow means a longbow, recurve bow, compound bow or crossbow. We cannot guarantee that our content is completely void of mistakes or errors. So I sssume that I cannot hunt with my crossbow in Wyoming.


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