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Like the other participants, he wears a collar device upon being brought into the Death Game. Sara refutes this by revealing the Long Narrow Box, which had the impression of a knife - indicating there was another person with a weapon in the facility. Keiji, who had told Sara he was the Keymaster and traded the Keymaster card for Sara's Commoner card, was a lie. Sara is deeply appreciative of the bond she has with Joe, and they are notably close in comparison to the other participants of the Death Game. Your Turn to Die - Part 9 - Dancing Mad (SEIZURE WARNING) by JohneAwesome. Soon, the body retrieval announcement asks that they all leave, sending Nao to yell that Mishima isn't dead and shoving his head into the box Q-taro brought. Sara is able to reunite with Joe and completely clear herself of her hallucinations. Male TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. I think Joe was a doll inserted into to Sara's life for the best friend roll before the game was activated by Kai. Despite his pleading for Sara to believe him and that he is the Sage, he ends up losing out due to the most votes going to Kai. Identification The final vote had a time limit of 20 minutes. The basic rules are quite simple. Joe picks up the key that dropped out of his pocket and uses it to unlock his restraints. Earn to Die 2 Exodus. Today I Die. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from Hey guys JohneAwesome here and, I upload Nintendo videos each day on my channel at 4:00pm est. He poked fun at the memory of Sara trying to sit on a traffic cone much to Sara's displeasure to forget it. Kai than states that he is the Sage and Sara is the Keymaster. No matter who is voted for, Joe is killed as the Sacrifice (voting for Joe or not voting for him will generate different dialogue from him) , and Kai gains the most votes. Human Personal Status The Main Character is a Second Year High School girl named Sara Chidouin, who is captured for a Death Game along with 10 other people, which uses Majority Votes to determine the fate of its participants. Not a member of Pastebin yet? Earn to Die 2012. Aliases It can be implied that Sara holds a small crush or a secret admiration towards Joe, as she silently states her envy towards Ryoko when Joe shows up to walk her home, and when she states what she believed would be her last words in the First Trial. At some point, Joe went and won Sara a cat keychain that looked similar to Kuro. Me and Sara are high school classmates. At some point, he befriended Sara during their years in high school. Currently, it goes up to Chapter 3 Part one as of now, and it is being released a part at a time. JohneAwesome is a let's player who started back in 2010. Sara is chosen to be the Challenger for the game which turns out to be Russian Roulette. However, she is calmed by Sara who agrees with the two. The first half of the game, the preliminary round,is to determine the preferred candidates of who will die. Kuro eventually was given to their classmate Takagi. Zombies in the Shadow 20 to die. He is a second-year high school student and the best friend of Sara Chidouin. Afterward, Shin knocks out Q-taro with a stun gun and gains temporary access to Q-taro's tablet. Earn to Die 2012. Height Zombies in the Shadow 20 to die. Gonbee then accuses Sara of becoming a leader and gaining everyone's trust simply by having the only weapon in the facility - that being the gun. The relationship between Joe and Ryoko is interpreted as two close friends. Sara refutes this by mentioning the long narrow box - that of which had a knife missing. When Sara stops by, he asks her if she believes Keiji is truly a cop or not. He tells them that Sara is the Keymaster. Tokyo: Kadokawa Shoten. After receiving the Sacrifice card in a tablet trade, Hallucination Joe asks her how it feels to have his card. If Sara votes for him, he tells Sara that he knows she was the third vote and that he tried real hard to escape with her. Immunity/safe as long as everyone knows they're the Keymaster. Joe is an average high school boy with messy, brown hair. Unlike Sara, who wears her school uniform properly, Joe seems to prefer a casual, looser style. ‘Course, I’m awful at fighting, so… Since I don’t remember winning, I’m guessing I lost. He might have possibly been swapped out during the smokescreen with a doll as well. Sara brings this to light and Kai tells Sara that the Sacrifice is without a doubt Joe. After this, Q-taro suggests voting Gonbee, due to him being the least trustworthy, although it is dismissed due to everyone being executed if he ended up with Sacrifice or Keymaster - meaning everyone would have to suspect 5 or more people. Joe eventually finds the Sacrifice card, Sara the Keymaster card, Kai the Sage card, and everyone else find Commoner cards. (The caveat, that's later revealed, is that you can also forcefully trade other people's cards as well.). Other games you might like are Time To Shine: Island Existence and Mess Up and Die. Ranmaru finds the dog memento Joe wore. I have 3 theories about Your Turn To Die at this current moment. They had three hours to make use of their time until the Main Game officially started. He also wears brown pants, presumably befitting of Sonobeno's dress code. When the interrogation ends, he, Reko, and possibly Gin depending on whether Sara took him with her or not continue on their search for Nao. Mishima gains the most votes and dies. Brown Physical Description He then hides the Sacrifice card. Major Spoiler ahead, read every article with caution! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. If Shin dies and Kanna lives, Shin manages to escape his execution to the Rubble Room and set up an actual Joe AI before expiring. Mess Up and Die. Kanna realizes from Sara's overall demeanor that Sara's the Sacrifice and goes to trade her own Commoner card with Sara's. Throughout her time on the third floor, remembering anything related to Joe causes her more harm, until she is overwhelmed and has a hallucination of her killing Joe with a knife. In the original Japanese, when Joe is talking about his date to Sara, following the conversation, the one who ate the doner kebab was Ryoko. She replies that she either does or doesn't. Mishima suggested to Nao that they vote for each other. Miley calls for the Wrigglers to come and suck out all the blood from his body. Deceased He confesses that he knows about Joe, but only because he heard a little from Midori. So, I worked up all my courage to punch the guy. He cries in pain as Sara shouts for Miley to let him go. She is able to forget the hallucinations by using Safalin's machine, but using it too many times causes her to forget about the real Joe. Seeing the AI causes Sara to forget Joe entirely. The piece of paper then reveals someone named Alice Yabusame as a murderer. He mainly plays JRPGs and Nintendo games. Meister, the painting in the room explains they need to choose a "Challenger". In the preliminary round, the participants were given 70 minutes to discuss any relevant topic to decide who is either the least cooperative or most suspicious. ♌ July 26[2] His comment on Sara dying leading to a massacre leads for Sara to reveal him as the Sage. At an unknown point after this, Joe asked Ryoko out, and they had their first date on the day of the kidnapping. Like Sara, he wears a green checkered tie. He presumably found himself in the last supper room and learned of what his card did. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Likely the confusion in the translation is due to Japanese lacking pronouns in this conversation. He is easily embarrassed when others misinterpret him and is sensitive to how people perceive his appearance. He and Ryoko re-scheduled their date which took place on the day of the kidnapping. However, he is dragged towards Sara's house when she encounters the stalker, grabbing his hand and running. It is divided into two sections, and in the end, it is guaranteed that at least two of the participants will die. Eye color He is a second-year high school student and the best friend of Sara Chidouin. Road Turn. Your Turn to Die is a freeware negotiation/horror/adventure game by Nankidai made in RPG Maker MV. All Rabbits Must Die. After this, Sara introduced him to Ryoko and the three became close friends. She yells at him in disbelief before Joe also lies. He was a Sage, in the beginning, knew who had the Keymaster card, and forcefully exchanged it with Sara's to gain her trust. Adapt or Die. After successfully clearing it, Joe joins Sara to search since Sou Hiyori, her previous partner, did not return after leaving to get help. He hides the Sacrifice card and, upon Kanna finding it, trades it with a Commoner card he found to put her in debt to him. When asked what his role is, he refuses to say. If you can recall, Mishima was on the monitors on the second floor, instead of Nao. The Main Game is the main portion of the Death Game in which all participants are forced to play under threat of death. After a while, the man Sara found in the Red Room regains consciousness so Joe calls everyone to the bar to interrogate him. Their bond deepened when on Joe's birthday where Sara gifts him a dog keychain that her friend, Ryoko, won at an arcade. ), Q-taro, furious at Shin for trading away his Sacrifice card, had planned to forcibly take back his tokens when Keiji stops him. 34,878 . In the manga, Joe accidentally stood Ryoko up for their first date due to him protecting an injured cat in the rain. After learning that he either dies or everyone but him and a special person dies, although reluctant, tries to go through with a plan to receive the most votes and escape with Sara. He states that he can't find anybody among them suspicious, despite him being the one who said that there might be a traitor in their midst. Chapter 1, Part 2, during the first Main Game Today I Die. If she doesn't, he tells her that the fact she didn't vote for him is what made things clear. That is all. Expressing a brave face for her, he dislikes having her worry about him as well as when she is feeling despondent. Occupation It doesn't work, but he notices that doing so shaved a little bit off the key, revealing green. Affiliation Your Turn to Die (PC) JohneAwesome; 28 videos; 201,581 views; Last updated on Mar 29, 2020; Play all Share. Your Turn To Die is one of many Horror Games to play online on your web browser for free at KBH Games. Is one of the Let's Players featured in the Phenomena-Fanclub's film of who they wanted to be an extra/voice actor. She's handed a button that is supposedly able to slow down the device and has a slim chance of saving him. The first half of the game, the preliminary round, is to determine the preferred candidates of who will die. While searching the fifth floor a room similar to Sara and Joe's classroom is found. ↑ Alice is Reko's older brother, who is confirmed to be 23 years old. The time limits put an extra strain on the game, as it wasn't just as simple as a moral debate. Sara yells at him to forget that. Like Sara, Joe puts in all his efforts to help the group succeed in the puzzles.


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